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BELIEVE is the faith in knowing that you can do and conquer anything that you set your mind to achieve. This mixed media fusion piece shows just some of the inspiration that can make this happen!

The found object collage is housed within an embroidery hoop, with a background of stenciled texture and colors. A variety of found objects is assembled including paint brushes, vintage cheese grater and other embellishments. The word BELIEVE is spelled out, set with resin to enhance it’s presence.

Below is the encaustic collage of a variety of imagery that enhances BELIEVE including the Statue of Liberty, reflection from Westlake Plaza (Seattle), and the Parthenon in Athens. A pair of eyes catches your gaze, while the drowning hand reminds you don’t give up.

A hand painted, light weight (yet sturdy!) wooden panel frame holds everything in place, with a rich blue metallic finish that coordinates perfectly with the collage inside.

SIZE: 18" x 18" x 2" (45.75cm x 45.75cm x 5cm)

Special Care for Encaustic Artwork... Encaustic artwork is created with a combination of beeswax (note for those who are allergic) and damar resin. This art form has existed for centuries, but because of the natural properties of the wax it does require to be displayed out of direct sunlight in a temperature controlled environment.

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