About the Artist

Towards the end of middle school, my entire life was changed when I began listening to New Wave music. The first two videos that I watched on MTV at a friends house (because my parents refused to pay for cable) was Be Near Me (ABC) and Hold Me Now (Thompson Twins). With those two songs, it was if my entire world was changed forever! I was fascinated by their clothes, the music, finding this voice and freedom that I hadn't felt before! I transformed to the kid wearing hand me downs to wearing the outrageous clothing, having the BIG 'Flock of Seagulls' hair, having my own voice and charting my own path without regards to what others said.

It was this freedom of the 80's that lead me to create ArtNewWave, my own personal art movement if you will.... ArtNewWave is MY definition of art, of what I create and share. It's MY style of expression, not limited to boring constraints of being stereotyped into some category that doesn't quite fit. ArtNewWave is a combination of ART and the New Wave movement – it's the way that I interpret what I see, hear and feel from the world around me.


People often ask how I describe my 'style' of artwork, and for many years I didn't have a clear answer to give people except for listing off a bunch of unrelated adjectives that left everyone (including myself) confused. Since I couldn't ever find one 'style' that described what I create, that's when I began to use the term mixed media fusion. It's a combination of the different mediums that I've mastered over the years combined into finished works of art.

The majority of my artwork is an exploration of creating textures and layers with color, from larger sized canvases to smaller wearable works of art. I could spend hours getting lost in my studio discovering new ways of layering text, images and found objects with a Virgo's attention to the smallest of details. These details often lead to creating hidden treasures into my artwork that I like to surprise and delight the viewer to discover whether inside of mini tins, vessels or in the background layers.


2023 Salmon Days, Exhibitor

2023 Washington State Fair, 1st Place Beading, Jewelry

2023 Washington State Fair, Art Exhibition, 2D Art Mixed Media

2023 Bellevue Arts Fair, Exhibitor

2023 Tacoma 6th Ave Art Fair, Exhibitor

2019 Washington State Fair, Art Exhibition, 2D Art Mixed Media

2019 Washington State Fair, Grand Champion, Jewelry

2019 Featured Artist, Tokyo Hobby Show

2018 Cloth Paper Scissors, Creating Pandemonium, Fall Publication

2018 Featured Artist, Tokyo Hobby Show

2017 Featured Artist, Tokyo Hobby Show

2016 Where Women Create, The Men Who Make It Featured Article, Summer Publication