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I’m excited to share with you this great bezel that I created for the Altered Pages and IMAGINE Crafts Featured Artist collaboration for the month of June!  Although I created this bezel to be worn as a necklace on leather cording, it can easily be transformed into a bracelet or even the centerpiece of your mixed media project.


If you haven’t colored with multiple colors of StazOn inks, it’s a two step process – add your StazOn color, allow to dry completely, and then add a thin coat of GlazOn.  I jokingly tell students that it’s like the Karate Kid – StazOn, GlazOn.  As long as you remember this, layering multiple colors of StazOn is a snap!

Begin by applying StazOn Opaque Cotton White with an InkBlusher to your bezel.  Think of this as your primer coat so that your other colors of StazOn will be more vibrant.  If you like the metallic look of the bezel, skip this step and the natural color of the bezel will show through.  Once this has completely dried, apply a thin layer of GlazOn using a separate InkBlusher.  You can speed up the drying process using a heat tool, but remember that since StazOn is a solvent ink that it can become “tacky” if overheated.


Next begin to add your colors of StazOn inks, working from lighter to darker.  I used an InkBlusher to apply the colors in the larger areas and a Fantastix for the detail areas like in the corners of the bezel and around the knobs on the sides of the bezels.  Remember to alternate with StazOn then GlazOn.  For this bezel I applied StazOn colors in the following order: Emerald City, Blue Hawaii, and a touch of Spiced Chai and Midnight Blue for antiquing highlights.

Use the Shields One die to cut the map paper to fit inside of the die. Apply a couple of thin coats of the GlazOn to both sides of the die cut paper to keep the resin from affecting the paper.  With Blue Hawaii, stamp the clock image onto the paper and once dry apply a sealing coat of GlazOn.  Adhere the stamped map paper into the bottom of the bezel.

Mix ICE Resin following the manufacturer’s instructions.  Add a small amount of resin into the bottom of the bezel and then begin to add the small colored baubles along with some Chartreuse Mica.  Place the key above the mica and continue filling the bezel with resin, sprinkling the Copper Glitz into the bezel to add a little sparkle.  Allow bezel to fully cure.


Sometimes “things” can happen to even the most experienced people, and here I have the perfect example to illustrate how forgiving it is to work with ICE Resin.  For some reason, many people are hesitant to use resin because they have experienced the dreaded air bubbles when working with resin.  I have to admit, I was multi-tasking when letting this bezel set doing laundry and 50 other things and completely forgot to check in on my bezel.  And when I did, I discovered all of these air bubbles had set in the corner (they did on the side as well but those are harder to see).  Don’t panic!!!  This is so easy to fix, and that’s why I love working with resin!  I allowed the bezel to set completely, and using an Xacto knife I simply poked the bubbles open and then added resin to fill in the bubbles – so simple!


As you can see in the image, the air bubbles are gone and there’s no trace that they were even there to begin with!  To finish the bezel, add a jump ring to attach to the leather cording to create the necklace.

I hope that this project has inspired you to create your own bezel, and that the tips and tricks help you in your creative endeavors!

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IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko  StazOn: Opaque Cotton White, Spiced Chai, Blue Hawaii, Emerald City, Midnight Blue; GlazOn, InkBlushers, Craft Mat, Fantastix

Altered Pages  map printed background paper, stamped clock image, key charm, bobbles

ICE Resin  ICE Resin, shield hobnail bezel, Copper Glitz, Chartreuse Mica

Spellbinders  Shields One Media Mixage die

Miscellaneous  leather cording, wire and wire tools (for making jump ring)

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  1. rhorasanian

    John, your bezel is beautiful! I’ve never tried ICE Resin so this was a great tip about the bubbles. Thanks.

  2. Stephanie

    Beautiful! And, thanks for the tip about the bubble fix. I would not have thought to do that. Tfs!

  3. Your bezel is lovely. I keep reading about the Ice Resin and think my daughter has used it, but I have yet to venture. I’m going to share the air bubble tip with her and show her your project. Thanks for sharing the steps.

  4. Beverly Jordan

    Thank you for so many helpful hints! I learned so much about the layering of Stazon ink and bubbles of resin. Your piece is beautiful!

  5. Beautiful bezel! I love the colors you used. Thanks for sharing your art with Altered Pages this month! It’s been a pleasure.

  6. Absolutely fabulous. I have not used Ice Resin too much, but your tip about the air bubbles is genius! TFS

  7. Carol Mc

    Love your bezel. I thought I had to live with those air bubbles.
    Thank you for the remedy.

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