Need a little inspiration for your next project? Here’s a few project ideas to get you started!  




This is the beginning of my creative journey in creating a new mixed media canvas that is based upon following no rules, experimentation, and allowing the artwork to lead the direction of this adventure.

Pandemonium Part 1

Pandemonium Part 2





Compare and Contrast

Learn how easy it is to use the versatile line of Rust Effects Products using the same set of three colors to create two completely different and unique projects!





Create your own mantra to bring in the New Year – one word that symbolizes YOU for the upcoming year. For 2018, I’ve chosen BELIEVE to be my theme. See how I’ve incorporated found objects in this assemblage piece of art.






Bewitched By Bountiful

Who says that a pumpkin is only for Halloween? This is a two for one project: one pumpkin, two different themes for the Fall Holidays! One side of the pumpkin features a Bountiful fall theme, perfect for Thanksgiving. And on the other side you’ll be Bewitched by a fun Halloween theme for making the perfect home decor piece.

Learn how to decorate your own pumpkin in both themes here.



My Nostalgic Canvas

Creating smaller sized canvases was the start to my mixed media fusion journey, and it had been awhile since I’d created one of my canvases and decided that it was time to revisit one of my favorite formats using some of my favorite colors, textures and found objects. 

Get inspired and learn how you can create your own version of this canvas!




REBEL is My Song

Find your song and let is spin on an upcycled vinyl record! Follow the process I used to express the song that drives my creativity using your favorite embellishments to create a visual interpretation of the mantra that fuels your artist voice.





Between The Pages

What can you create with an old book? If you’ve ever wanted to learn the basics to book carving to create shrines out of a book, this is the perfect place to start. And if you like the outside cover (shown), just wait until you see the surprises found inside!






Want to find more Inspiration? 

From beginners who are looking for a place to get started, or artists looking for new ideas, there’s so many projects and technique tutorials for you to discover all in one place! Use the quick links below to get inspired by ArtNewWave…

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  • Step By Step projects that walk you through the process of creating masterpieces
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The #Hashtag Project

The #Hashtag Project is a way for artists to help each other grow our Instagram audiences while at the same time discover new artists to connect with, share ideas and be inspired by one another. 

This entire experience is built on community involvement! The #Hashtag Project is simply a compilation of hashtags that your fellow artists use on Instagram to build their audiences. The intent is to build a list of hashtags that we can all use with our own posts that are more targeted to our audiences for fostering growth in not only our individual followers or likes, but to cultivate the artist community on Instagram as well. 

Learn more about The #Hashtag Project and how to get involved!