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Yes, I am indeed OBSESSED with the new Plaster Paste!!! I fully admit that since this product was introduced in January, I’ve been using it on almost every single project that I’ve been working on. If you follow me on … Continued

Pandemonium (part 2)

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  Welcome to the second installment of “Pandemonium” – the return to my creative energy and in many respects a renewal and awakening of my artistic voice that has slowly become silent over time. For those of you who are … Continued

Pandemonium (part 1)

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Usually my mind is filled with endless creative thoughts and new ideas for projects that unexpectedly pop into my mind at random moments – while out for a walk, sitting in traffic, sometimes in the middle of the night. Other … Continued


LOVE is in the air for Valentine’s Day – and it’s a little extra special day for me because it’s also my anniversary! Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that forces me to work a little bit out of … Continued


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I’ve had many different ‘mantras’ for the New Year, usually a word or maybe a short and simple phrase that keeps me going through the good, the bad, and everything in between. For 2018, I’ve chosen to use BELIEVE as … Continued

December Details

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Although we’re not quite to winter YET here in the great Pacific Northwest, there’s that crisp feeling in the air and we know that it will be here sooner than we realize! And of course this time of the year … Continued

The #Hashtag Project

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In the past year or so, I have found that I’m spending less and less time on Facebook and have transitioned more time and energy to Instagram. To be honest, I miss the ‘old’ days of Facebook before the algorithms … Continued

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