SELF is part of my WORDS series that I’ve created, focusing around my interpretation of a single, short word. SELF can encapsulate a wide spectrum of feeling and emotions for each person, and this was my way of expressing SELF at one moment in time

This mixed media collage canvas began quite simply – creating a background with sculpture paste, and then layered with a torn piece of cardboard, a deconstructed Ken doll, and to tie together the WORDS series, the Scrabble tiles. Once the elements were adhered, more sculpture paste along with white gesso were used to complete the base of the work.

To be honest, I let this set in this state for a couple of days while I contemplated whether to add color to the project or not….. The monochromatic style of the piece in this form spoke to me so loudly, the simplicity and detail with the lack of color was striking in itself.

I decided that since my interpretation of SELF was about me, I would use my favorite color palette that I feel describes my personality to finish the piece – blues and silver. I slowly developed the colors by building multiple washes of metallic blue and silver paints, highlighting areas with metallic waxes and mica powders.

I have always been intrigued by using bust forms in my work, inspired from a friend in collage who created a series of stunning bust pieces. Not that my physique matches the bust form I used, I felt that it was bold and striking enough to stand out from the background. I used a stippling technique to contrast the texture of the bust to the rest of the background layers used on the piece.

Because of the way I added the color washes onto this piece, the color actually shifts with the lighting and the angle that one looks at the piece. At one angle the piece laminates blue hues, while from a different angle there is a more striking silver appearance. This was a fun exercise in layering the washes to create this effect!

This finished piece of artwork is available for purchase in the ArtNewWave Shop.