Salvage District


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Mixed Media Fusion Artwork

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Salvage District is a mixed media fusion assemblage piece created on a light weight wood panel measuring 9 x 12 inches (23 x 30.5 cm) in size featuring silver metal embellishments adorned with fleur-de-lys, with the focal point escutcheon sliding open to reveal a small key inside.

The background of this piece has layers of different papers set beneath multiple layers of wax using the encaustic technique to give a vintage appearance while at the same time adding a smooth texture over the text and prints. Juxtaposed against this smooth texture are broad strokes of palette knife to apply texture pastes and areas of crackle. These background textures were then colored with multiple washes of acrylic with a subtle touch of metallic highlights to give additional dimension while not overpowering the background.

Inside the focal point of this work you will find a printed background set beneath resin, which holds into place the focal point of this piece – the fleur-de-lys escutcheon that slides open to reveal a small key set on top of black German Glass. Below this framed vignette there is a coordinating fleur-de-lys embellishment set on graphite colored texture paste which is used as a highlight texture through out the piece.

You can view detail shots of this piece simply by clicking on the photo gallery above. Additional photos can be taken by request.



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