Sacred Heart 3


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A few years ago, I created a limited number of jewelry pieces that were stunning crystal embellished hearts that were true statement pieces. Recently while cleaning my studio, I discovered a few of these left over hearts that were the base for these jewelry pieces and thought that they would make the perfect focal point for a series of mini shrines devoted to what the heart holds.

Sacred Heart 3 features a heart with layered vintage Parisian inspired text, highlighted with beautiful colors set beneath a few layers of encaustic. Delicate lace trims surround the bottom half edge of the heart in gold, with a lmauve crown surrounding the top of the heart. Rhinestones embellish the sides and beneath the lace crown at the top of the heart, with a vintage lock hanging from a chain at the bottom of the heart.

The heart “floats” above a textured pattern background which is set with encaustic. An upcycled cigar box serves as the frame for this piece, providing depth while serving as the perfect shrine frame.

SIZE: 4.5″ x 7″ x 2.5″ (11.5cm x 18cm x 6.5cm)

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Special Care for Encaustic Artwork…

Encaustic artwork is created with a combination of beeswax (note for those who are allergic) and damar resin. This art form has existed for centuries, but because of the natural properties of the wax it does require to be displayed out of direct sunlight in a temperature controlled environment.

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