Parisian Elegance


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Parisian Elegance is a stunning necklace that will surely be noticed when worn! Surrounded with dazzling Swarovski pastel colored crystals, you will fall in love with the City of Lights every time you wear this necklace!

The background of the bezel features an antique map of Paris, showing famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, set beneath UV safe resin. The bezel is framed with Japanese Delica beads and framed with iridescent crystals, while surrounded by three layers of crystals in an aqua, pale pink, and teal colors.

The cabochon hangs from a 24 inch silver loop chain with more crystals hanging from the loops. The cabochon attachment to the chain is adorned with crystal to complete the look of this necklace.

SIZE: 2″ wide x 2.75″ long + bead embellishment on top x .5″ thick (1.6cm x 5cm x 1.2cm)

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