Mixed media fusion artwork canvas, sized 8 x 8 inches

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NOW is part of my WORDS series that I’ve created, focusing around my interpretation of a single, short word. Sometimes the smallest things have the largest impact – like the word NOW. This tiny word speaks volumes: how things can change in an instant, the challenge in using this moment to make an impactful change, immersing yourself in what surrounds you. Enjoy each moment, take time to relish what you feel and surrounds your NOW.

The layered, textured canvas features a variety of vintage findings and elements, from an upcycled clock housing (complete with a glass dome) filled with treasures to the limited edition Swatch. The large mechanical gear is from a 1930’s clock, and this piece also features an image transfer onto metal and a deconstructed light switch. Because this piece is part of the WORDS series, the title of this piece is spelt with Scrabble pieces.

Finished size of this canvas is 8 x 8 inches.




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