La Fleur de Paris


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La Fleur de Paris is a mixed media fusion dimensional canvas created on a birch wood panel (lightweight). This piece was inspired by Parisian themes, along with the iconic symbol of the fleur de lys which adorns this piece.

La Fleur de Paris mixes collage, texture and encaustic to reveal a stunning work of art that is perfect for almost any space you can imagine! The background of this piece was slowly built with layers of collage including like maps, sewing patterns and other vintage ephemera. This collage was then set with wax (encaustic) to create another interesting dimension to the background of this piece. Using encaustic over the ephemera allows the text and images to still be visible while giving an antique look to the background. Two of the corners of this piece also feature stenciled flourishes with this same text and imagery showing through that has many “secrets” to be revealed when examining the pattern closer.

The background of this piece was slowly built using a variety of different mediums including crackle that gives a truly unique texture that cannot be exactly replicated. This background was then slowly colored using color washes of acrylic paint and mica powders. This multi-day process gives the texture a true dimension with a variety of different nuances from the different mediums used.

Layered on top of a piece of upcycled corrugate, the upper left corner features the title frame from an antique map, set with crackle and allowed to set over a two day period. Viewing this particular crackled area from different angles reveals different areas of the text found below. This antiquing method gives a stunning look to the piece overall and is what catches many people’s attention when first looking at the piece.

The lower right hand corner of the piece uses the same layering techniques discussed previously, topped with a vintage brass fleur de lys to carry the French theme. A vintage art deco earring embellishes the fleur de lys, which was the perfect found object to complete this piece of artwork.

SIZE: 16″ x 20″ x 2″ (41cm x 51cm x 5cm)



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Special Care for Encaustic Artwork…

Encaustic artwork is created with a combination of beeswax (note for those who are allergic) and damar resin. This art form has existed for centuries, but because of the natural properties of the wax it does require to be displayed out of direct sunlight in a temperature controlled environment.

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