Crown Jewels


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Crown Jewels pays tribute to some of the incredible jewelry that we think of with royal pageantry, complete with sparkle and shine!

The round bezel holds a French inspired graphic background, with “clear” mica flakes that adds a subtle sparkle to the piece while not being overpowering. An antique silver crown is the focal point, all of which is set beneath UV safe resin. Layers of Swarovski crystal encircle the cabochon (including at the top of the bezel) in jet black, silver, and clear with a touch of blue/purple to add just a hint of color. The entire cabochon is beaded with Japanese Delica and seed beads used as the foundation of this piece.

The cabochon hangs from a 24 inch gunmetal loop chain. The cabochon attachment to the chain is adorned with crystal to complete the look of this necklace.

SIZE: 2″ wide + bead embellishment on top x .5″ thick (1.6cm x 5cm x 1.2cm)

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