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Using tools and imagery to “measure” how we define creativity on a textured canvas with found objects, placed over an encaustic collage which includes the definition of “create”. Housed within a textured and painted wooden frame.

Using a light neutral earthtone with blue highlights, this textural masterpiece is a calming study of what and how we tend to measure the word around us. Beautiful texture including crackle is created on the main middle canvas, complete with upcycled corrugate with a crackled pattern beneath the vintage part of a ruler. The upper right uses metallic blue finishing nails to hold down a resin dictionary page with rusted metal mesh and more resined papers. A computer club holds the resin flourish detail piece in place, mounted above a piece of computer circuit board.

The delicious encaustic collage features the definition of “create” from a dictionary page, along with other ephemera including dressmaking patterns and printed tissue. A hand painted coordinating blue frame houses the entire piece.

SIZE: 18″ x 14″ x 2″ (45.75cm x 35.5cm x 5cm)

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Special Care for Encaustic Artwork…

Encaustic artwork is created with a combination of beeswax (note for those who are allergic) and damar resin. This art form has existed for centuries, but because of the natural properties of the wax it does require to be displayed out of direct sunlight in a temperature controlled environment.

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