This finished piece of artwork is available for purchase in the ArtNewWave Shop.

NOW is the third piece of artwork that I’ve created as part of the Words series, my interpretation of simple words into artwork. Like the other pieces in this series (SELF and CALM), this artwork evolved along the creative process. My intention with NOW was to try and capture the essence of being in the moment.

I wanted to give this piece of nostalgia, meaning that I wanted to incorporate how one’s past experiences effect being in the exact moment of NOW, along with some objects that would give the impression of what happens after this exact moment in time which is why I decided to add in the watch (my favorite Swatch that I wore out the band!), gear and light switch. The background was created by layering some printed tissue papers, which I set with clear crackle.

After allowing the crackle to set, I began adding color washes to the background and then some texture paste to help develop and layer the background. Since I wanted to give a slightly nostalgic look and feel to this work, I decided to then add black gesso as the base to incorporate the black of the text in the background before continuing to add the color highlights.

I am always amazed at how the texture in the background begins to take it’s own personality when adding color washes of color, whether it’s creating the base layers or the highlights. The color palette selected for this background textured areas was meant to compliment the colors found in the image transfer onto metal that was set under resin, where as for the text areas showing through I wanted those to incorporate the colors found in some of the other found objects that I incorporated into the piece.

The focal point of this piece is the glass dome which houses a variety of different found objects that was upcycled from a vintage clock. I love the unique dimension using the glass globe gives to this piece, like looking into window to a different place and time. I felt that this embellishment perfectly matched the time theme presented with the watch and watch parts.

Perhaps one of my favorite embellishments to this piece is the light switch that I incorporated, which was quite a learning process of learning how to not only deconstruct the switch but also how to cut the backing flat so that it would lay flush onto the canvas. I purposely left the switch in the ‘off’ position to symbolize that in any given moment, one has the power to change things by simply switching things ‘on’.

NOW that you have taken a peak into my creative process, I hope that you’re inspired to pick your own simple word and make your own interpretation of it’s meaning!

This finished piece of artwork is available for purchase in the ArtNewWave Shop.