REBEL is My Song

Artists find inspiration from many different places. For myself, a song fills my head full of ideas brought on from the lyrics and the music itself. While going through some of my vinyl while listening to some music, this project began to materialize – to use an old record as the base of my project! As I began thinking about the layout of the project, the idea of My Song started to emerge… I then tried to focus on what MY song would be when “Rebel Heart” was the next tune that randomly played and smiled knowing that REBEL would be my perfect title!

REBEL is a fitting mantra for myself right now, both personally and professionally. For many years, I’ve worked tirelessly in an industry that I loved – following the unspoken rules, putting in my time, but unfortunately never seeing promises materialize and fighting with often times frustration and self doubt that resulted. Recently I made the decision to make a change, to follow what’s in my heart to pursue my own agenda and journey down a new path to ultimately grow and cultivate my creativity as an artist. This has refocused my determination and has caused me to ignore what I’m ‘supposed’ to do and to follow what is in my heart and produce art that I want to make, that expresses myself as an artist.

Join me in how I created my interpretation of My Song while I share some of my assemblage tips with you.

As with most of my projects, I made a rough layout of where I wanted to place all of my embellishments and then took a picture to refer to later when I started assembling all of the pieces. This serves as my roadmap for my project as I progress, although many times it changes along the way as I decide to move things around and add more embellishments.

To create the background, I used the Harlequin Stencil for the pattern using Sparks Raven Black as the base coat. Because I applied a light coat of Raven Black onto the vinyl, it dried relatively quickly and did not require heat setting with a heat tool. Note that when working with other mediums in this project that if you’re using a heat tool that you do need to be careful – you’re not only heating the mediums that you’ve added, but also adding heat to the vinyl record. For those of you not old enough to have records around, heat and records do not mix because you’ll warp the record! (Which can be a cool effect!)

Next randomly apply Graphite Paste with a palette knife, leaving some of Raven Black to show through. Without removing the stencil, I used some of my favorite inclusions to apply to the wet paste – Glass Glitter in Pitch Black and Midnight Blue, along with Micro Beads in Black and Splash. There’s so many other inclusions that you can add – don’t be afraid to experiment! If you’d like to add more chunky inclusions, you may need to apply the paste a little thicker to hold the larger inclusions.

Only after I’ve applied the inclusions do I remove the stencil to reveal the perfect placement of inclusions that otherwise could stick everywhere (you know what I mean!). Just be sure to clean your stencil immediately after removing it from the project. I’ve found that using warm water makes clean up of the stencil so much quicker.

My ‘go to’ paste that I absolutely LOVE to use is Graphite Paste, and for this project I used it for both texture/color and as an adhesive for holding down almost all of the embellishments. And what project isn’t complete without Art Stones!?! Once I placed the frame into place, I filled the background with Graphite Paste and then added the Art Stones and gently pushed them into the paste. Once dried, I painted the Art Stones with Metallique Midnight Sky.

The embellishments used in the project all had a base coat of Black Gesso applied, followed with a coat of Sparks Raven Black and then highlights of Metallique Deep Waters and Metallique Midnight Sky. Once all of my embellishments were in place, I used Metallique Wax in Brushed Iron for highlights.

Beneath My Song, I used a piece of burlap which I colored in the same manner as my other embellishments used in the project. I love the look that you can create by painting the burlap – it makes burlap so versatile for many different projects especially after fraying the edges.

Since I used a record as the base of my project, I thought that it would be fun to also incorporate an old cassette tape to place REBEL onto. Once I had adhered the cassette into place, I placed some glue onto the record and then pulled out some of the tape from the cassette and glued down onto the record to add some more dimension – and to bring back some bad memories from the 80’s LOL

I hope that this project has inspired you to find YOUR SONG – whatever it may be…. Listen to the lyrics, let the music move you to create a masterpiece that expresses your creative self!