This finished piece of artwork is available for purchase in the ArtNewWave Shop.

Since I was a young child, art has always been my retreat. Creating has always led me to a safe space where there are no rules, no worries about the outside world – just me and bringing my ideas to life. As I’ve grown older, my studio has become my escape from the trials and tribulations of the outside world. The instant that I walk into my studio, I leave all the stress and worries at the door. After turning on the lights and turning on some music, I sit at my table, take a deep breath, and an instant feeling of CALM falls upon me.

Life is full of uncertainty, and over the past few years especially I’ve learned that life can change in an instant and send you upon a different path and provide a completely different perspective on how you see the world. Recently there have been some major changes in my family (don’t worry, everything will be alright!) which have effected all of us. It’s been weeks since I’ve been able to actually sit in my studio and create – and more importantly, to recharge my spirit and soul.

This project was originally created as part of a group post with my fellow Finnabair Brand Ambassadors which spoke to finding healing through art. The project that I created is titled CALM, the feeling that I have when I’m sitting at my studio table to create with no boundaries. The other place that brings me peace of mind is being in the outdoors, where there’s no wifi, no cell service, no hustle and bustle of the city. Just myself enjoying the sound of the breeze, the trees and mountains of the Pacific Northwest where I can clear my mind and ground myself.

This canvas was created with the main inspiration drawing from some tree bark from my yard – the texture and color. I used strips of copper wire to wrap around some of the pieces of the wood, along with connecting them together to add some additional texture to contrast against the natural grain of the wood. This wood was adhered to the canvas base created with Sculpture Paste, along with adding a torn piece of cardboard.

Because I wanted the background to resemble the pattern of the tree bark, I began by adding washes of Impasto Paint to slowly build the base color. Once I was happy with the ‘perfect’ brown color, I slowly began to add washes of  Metallique Paints to add metallic highlights and draw out the texture of the background.

A touch of Antique Metallique Waxes were then applied onto the wood, along with a few touches onto the background areas of the canvas. For the title of the piece, Scrabble pieces were adhered onto the cardboard and then highlighted with coordinating metallic paints and waxes.

The concept for this project actually began as a series that I decided to create around WORDS, and CALM was the first of this series to be completed. Everyone needs to remember the importance of incorporating creativity in our daily lives, even if for a few moments each day. Many times we forget the importance of cultivating our souls and taking time to recharge, to relax, to allow ourselves the opportunity to just BE.

This finished piece of artwork is available for purchase in the ArtNewWave Shop.