Art Palette

This finished piece of artwork is available for purchase in the ArtNewWave Shop.

For centuries, artists around the world have used a palette for holding, mixing, and creating their paints and other mediums for creating their masterpieces. I wanted to bring this feeling of creativity when I taught this workshop at the 2018 AFCI Show in Phoenix, Arizona.

A basic, inexpensive wood palette (available at most craft stores) was used for this project. The base color and texture of this project was a layer of Brown Rust Effects Paste, followed by Blue Patina Paste, Red Rust Paste and a touch of Yellow Rust Paste as a highlight. Although the colors can be applied separately when heat set between each color layer, the colors can be blended to create new colors when applied one after another while still wet. To create more texture, apply the pastes with a stipple brush.

Brown Rust Effects Paste was used as the adhesive to hold down all of the embellishments and found objects. While the paste was still wet, Art Stones were added for more texture to the collage.

For more color and additional texture, mica flakes and micro beads were also added to the excess paste. Once all the inclusions were added, everything was heat set using a heat tool to temporarily set everything into place. Even when using a heat tool, allow the paste to fully set overnight for best results.

To highlight the embellishments and Art Stones, a detail brush was used to apply Metallique paints. When working with the Art Stones, I’ve found it easiest to color the stones once they have been set into place.

For additional highlights, Antique Brilliance Metallique Waxes were applied to the embellishments. For a more striking effect, lightly heat set the wax.

The possibilities for creating your own personalized art palette are endless!

This finished piece of artwork is available for purchase in the ArtNewWave Shop.