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Springtime can be anytime with this classic piece, “Printemps”. This heart shaped bezel plays with different metallic finishes, from the antique silver heart shaped bezel with a metallic pearl background that offsets the metallic embellishments of leaves, a bird, a touch of France with a pearlized fleur de lys and a pearl drop. The top of this bezel is decorated with a cold enameled pearllized butterfly and antiqued metal flourish which acts as a visual chandelier with hanging cut crystals on wire to complete this piece.

The bezel is connected to the wrapped ball chain necklace with a peyote stitched loop made of metallic pearlized Miyuke beads. The necklace is a silver ball chain embellished with coordinating crystals to give an elegant finish to this stunning necklace.

Bezel measures approximately 2¼ x 3 inches, with the necklace measuring 20 inches.

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