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Artist Biography

John Creighton Petersen is a lifelong resident of Seattle. Although John has a degree in photography, his vast knowledge of a wide variety of art mediums includes painting, calligraphy, journal and book making, collage to beading, resin jewelry, soldering and metal work which has lead him to be dubbed a “Mixed Media Fusion” artist by combining all of these mediums into works of art. An in-demand working artist in the truest sense with a passion for teaching, he’s on the road several months every year sharing his knowledge and techniques with others.

Born and raised in the Seattle area, where the rainy months give ample time to get creative and explore new techniques waiting for the precious months that the sun actually makes an appearance! When not loosing track of time in the studio while working, you can find him out scavenging at local salvage yards and antique stores or busy concentrating on a new Lego project.

Current working industry relationships include:

•Educator for Prima Marketing

•Creative Team Member for Finnabair

•Design Team Member for Authentique Paper

He has served as an educator and designer for many high profile companies in the craft industry including Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko, “The ICE Prince” with ICE Resin, Authentique Paper, Spellbinders and an Ambassador for RELICS & ARTIFACTS.



Web Design and Graphics

Working experience with HTML and CSS for creating websites on WordPress platforms and custom built business websites, along with graphics, videos and other elements for creating interactive experiences for visitors.


ArtNewWave is the current website that you’re visiting! This is an interactive website built on a customized WordPress platform including a blog and shopping cart (WooCommerce). This site includes a library of video tutorials which were personally filmed and edited (Final Cut).



Launched in 2014, this custom built website was created for craft manufacturer/distributor Imagine Crafts. For approximately 1½ years, I was the lead designer on the creation of this website which holds much of the look and functionality that was created at the time of launch.

My work on this website included:

  • Handling initial search for external webmaster including RFP’s and contract
  • Product photography, editing and placement onto the website and shopping cart
  • Creation of graphic elements including logos, headers etc.
  • Uploading of all products and information into the shopping cart platform
  • Extensive testing of the website functionality including shopping cart and visitor interactive elements
  • HTML, CSS and wireframe
  • Training of all employees for using the website including shopping cart processes and adding/editing new content

Visit the Imagine Crafts website. 


Graphic Design (print)

Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and pre/post print production of a variety of different formats. Below are a few examples of catalog designs that I created, including samples of graphic work, layout, and photography/editing.



This sample illustrates the first ‘revamp’ of the Imagine Crafts catalog into a new, book style format. Product photography and editing were all completed by myself, along with the creation of all graphic elements used in the catalog. 

All format and styling for this catalog was self created to meet the specifications of the company. This catalog was available in both print and digital formats, including all press checks. 

The main focus of this catalog was to bring a simple, uniform look to all of the company’s product lines with similar graphic representations and style format. 







This was the second version of Imagine Crafts catalog, which I was in full creative control over making changes, edits and enhancements. Since the publication of the previous catalog, the company had rebranded itself so this revision of the catalog represented a new look for the company including the new logo and carry over of new branding colors to be incorporated throughout.

Another major addition to this version of the catalog was the inclusion of finished projects and staged photographs of products which were stylized and taken by myself. Including these into the catalog helped give a refreshed look to the catalog showcasing projects created by a variety of customers and artists.




More enhancements were made to this version of the Imagine Crafts catalog including the addition to simple, easy to follow step-by-step projects for customers to gain more ideas and education for how to use the wide variety of products. Finished projects also gained a more predominant role in the catalog to provide inspiration.

With the addition of a new products lines, the graphics were updated in this version of the catalog to help ‘refresh’ the look and feel.




Logo and Packaging Design

As my Creative Development role at Imagine Crafts, a large portion of my work was creating and updating packaging and labeling of new and existing products including meeting trilingual (English, French, Spanish) requirements. Besides the creation and press checking of labeling for products, my responsibilities also included the design and execution of other packaging designs including resealable gusseted poly bags and plastic printed boxes.

For new products, I also designed and created many of the logos for those new products (many of which are still used today). Below are a couple of examples of products that I helped develop and bring to market.





Creative Medium 

Creative Medium is an artist’s texture paste used for a variety of different applications. I helped with extensive product testing throughout the development process of creating this new to market product.

I also created the logo and branding for this product, along with the label creation for different bottles used for the product packaging.

Visit this page to learn more about the product including the video introduction of the product I created for the launch.




InkBlushers are a unique crafting tool specifically made to work with solvent based inks. For this product, I not only created the logo for this product but also the resealable poly bag used for the product packing.

This product can be found at JoAnn’s and at Amazon.


Online Communities and Social Media

As outreach and marketing continually shifts more to online social media platforms, the importance of understanding the nuances and constant changes to these platforms is an evolving process. I am a firm believer that ‘success’ online is not measured in the number of followers, but the interaction with your followers and their engagement with not only your social media channels but your brand and helping increase income. More importantly, choosing the appropriate platforms to engage, inform and interact with your audience with an authentic voice is key to online success.




The largest social media platform, Facebook is ever changing and a challenge for even social media gurus with it’s algorithm tweaks and news feed hierarchy. Although there are challenges, you can still successfully build a strong interactive community!

Personal (artist) Facebook page

ArtNewWave Community Facebook page




Over the past year, I have quadrupled my Instagram community through strategic posting and use of hashtags along with other methods to build and strengthen my relationships with other artists. During this time I have shifted more of my focus to this social media platform, finding that I actually gain more engaged users who then visit my other social media channels and website.

Follow and visit ArtNewWave on Instagram




Yes – the great ‘time suck’ where you can quickly disappear down the rabbit hole for hours, that is the beauty of Pinterest! Over the years, my Pinterest habits have changed to where I now use my pins and boards as a reference for my social media platforms and receive daily visits to my website and shop.

Visit ArtNewWave on Pinterest




The #Hashtag Project

This has been a passion project of mine that I’ve wanted to create for quite some time and this past fall actually established this online resource for other artists and businesses to help grow their Instagram community. In short, The #Hashtag Project is a way for artists to help each other grow our Instagram audiences while at the same time discover new artists to connect with, share ideas and be inspired by one another. 





Artist In Residence

This is the design team for Imagine Crafts that I established in 2012 to help grow the brand through carefully selected artists who use their products for creating inspiring projects while at the same time promoting the brand. Most of the guidelines I created to launch and evolve this program over three years are still in place with the company. During my tenure managing and coordinating this program on a daily basis, there were 18 international artists who produced step-by-step projects and video tutorials.

NOTE Besides creating the Artist In Residence program for Imagine Crafts, I was also instrumental in the establishing of their online presence on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.