What is The #Hashtag Project?

In short, The #Hashtag Project is a way for artists to help each other grow our Instagram audiences while at the same time discover new artists to connect with, share ideas and be inspired by one another. 



How The #Hashtag Project Works

This entire experience is built on community involvement! The #Hashtag Project is simply a compilation of hashtags that your fellow artists use on Instagram to build their audiences. The intent is to build a list of hashtags that we can all use with our own posts that are more targeted to our audiences for fostering growth in not only our individual followers or likes, but to cultivate the artist community on Instagram as well. 

The #Hashtag Project will be an organic resource that will continually evolve in two ways:

  1. Artists submit hashtags to be included in the listing
  2. Artists use hashtags from the library in their own posts



Submitting To The #Hashtag Project

It’s easy to be part of The #Hashtag Project – the more artists who join, the more successful this will become! Prior to submitting your information, please take a few minutes to read the guidelines on the #Hashtags Basics page for inclusion into the hashtag library.

Here’s the basics for submitting your hashtags to The #Hashtag Project library by email (click on this link) with the following information:

  • your full name AND Instagram account name
  • website/blog of your artwork if you would like to be included in a future artist directory
  • your list of targeted and original/unique hashtags (see guidelines and examples). NOTE: manufacturers, businesses, and designers with product lines are not included in The #Hashtag Project.
  • specify separately any original/unique hashtags that you have personally created for other’s to use and help grow your exposure

It’s that simple! Once you’ve submitted your information, it will be added to the hashtag library =)



Why The #Hashtag Project?

In the past year or so, I have found that I’m spending less and less time on Facebook and have transitioned more time and energy to Instagram. To be honest, I miss the ‘old’ days of Facebook before the algorithms took things over and now I feel that I have diminished control over what I actually see in my feed on Facebook. I mainly go online for inspiration and to share my art with others, and I can do without all the drama that seems to dominate my feed more times than not.

Like many other artists on Instagram, I’ve slowly build my audience of followers – a little blindly at first, thinking that my art was enough to get liked and followed. But soon I discovered that just like in real life, sometimes just my art isn’t enough LOL That’s when I started doing a little bit of research into the power of using hashtags on Instagram.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am NOT an Instagram expert, and I’m not here to guarantee that I’m going to help you get 10,000 followers or 500 likes on each of your posts. My goal of starting The #Hashtag Project is to help support fellow artists and our community of creativity to, in our own little way, make Instagram a place for all of us to support one another and help each other grow our exposure and ideas with others.

Learn about a few strategies that I’ve found work for me on Instagram.