Setting the Perfect Bezel

In this video I share with you my best tips and techniques for adding ICE Resin to the back and sides of a bezel – and of course how to fill the bezel.

Faux Dichro Technique

Creating the look of dichroic glass has never been easier when using a few mixed media supplies with tissue paper. You’ll see how easy it is to create the look of dichro without using glass or a kiln.


Creating a Layered Bezel

Add more dimension to your bezel projects by using multiple layers of resin with your embellishments for amazing 3D effects.

ICE Resin Paper Beads

Learn how simple and easy it is to create ICE Resin beads to embellish your next project – the perfect way to use that ‘extra’ resin!


Creating a Shrine Book

This video tutorial shows just how easy it is to transform an old book into your own personalized shrine or alter piece.


Using Metal Tape to Create the Perfect Bezel

Just because a bezel might have holes on the sides doesn’t mean you can’t use it with resin! Let me show you how to use metal tape as a quick fix to expand your selection of unique hardware and findings.


Making a Bezel from a Bolt

This is a great tutorial for how to create your own open back bezel. In this video I show this technique with a bolt.


Back to Nature with Tissue Paper Flowers

Use tissue paper with StazOn inks and rubbers tamps to create this eye catching flower with a hand formed wire frame. This same technique can be used for making jewelry and embellishments.


ICE Resin Mini Bezel Book

Take bookmaking to a smaller dimension using ICE Resin bezels as the book covers for your own personalized book.


Coloring Metal 

Use basic stamping supplies along with ICE Resin to achieve deep, rich striking colors.


Using Iced Enamels as an Adhesive

Try this technique using Iced Enamels as an adhesive on your next metal project.


ICE Resin Photo Transfers

Make your own personalized jewelry pieces on metal dog tags using your favorite photos.


Celtic Bezel with Embossed Metal

Use embossed metal with a little bit of color as a background for your next bezel set with resin.