I am a Mixed Media Fusion Artist, combining a variety of art mediums including painting,calligraphy, bookmaking, 3D collage, paper crafting, beading, resin jewelry, soldering and metal work in finished pieces. Sharing this knowledge with others is my true passion, and I can be found teaching internationally through out the year. Some of the events that I have taught classes, workshops and demos include the annual CHA Show, Art Venture Retreats, Art Is You Retreats, The Hobby Show (Tokyo) and numerous online appearances and classes along with features in print publications including Somerset publications and Cloth, Paper, Scissors.

Over the years I have formed close working relationships with companies that I highly respect and who produce products that have the highest quality standards. These companies that I proudly partner with include Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko (Lead Educator), ICE Resin (‘The ICE Prince’), Authentique Paper (Design Team Member) and Prima Marketing (Educator).


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Art Alchemy 101 

What better way to introduce your customers to the newest Finnabair products than letting them try them HANDS ON. Here’s your chance to get them hooked on the new Patina Pastes, Sparks acrylic paints, Waxes, Stone Effects Pastes and more! Students will complete a small mixed media project in class and the opportunity to create their own swatch sheets with all of the colors of these fabulous products including how to sheets for creating a variety of different effects with the new Patina Pastes.  3 hours


Delicata Mirror  

Transform the ordinary into extraordinary in this class that is a great way to introduce your rubber stamping customers to mixed media! We’ll use some of your favorite Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko supplies to create this stunning mirror that can easily be personalized in class. 4 hours

The Creative Assemblage Workshop





Creativity will be taken to an entirely new level with this technique intensive class focusing on a variety of techniques to create this two panel framed work of art with multiple layers with texture, stunning colors and hidden treasures. The front cover of this diptych features a removable cover which reveals a beautifully decorated mini shrine complete with a photo transfer on metal. The inside panels feature a bezel set with resin, along with other embellishments layered upon fabric using Sculpture Medium to stiffen and add dimension to the background. The back cover is layered with more embellishments and hidden treasures using your favorite inks and texture mediums from Imagine along with the Finnabair line of products.

Some of the techniques covered in class will include:

  • Working with resin to learn how to set a bezel to be incorporated into your artwork
  • How to create photo transfers onto metal
  • Working with fabric to create a stunning dimensional background for the inside panels
  • Fundamentals of mixing paints, inks and other mediums and how to incorporate inclusions
  • Create your own embellishments using paper clay

The Creative Assemblage is a two day workshop


The Artist’s Dozen 

It’s time to take mixed media into the kitchen with this stunning project that upcycles an old muffin tin! This class is perfect for all skill levels, giving students the confidence to take their mixed media artwork to an entirely new dimension. We’ll begin by creating backgrounds in each individual holder from fabric shaped and stiffened with Sculpture Medium. Next the background of the tin face will be created with stamps, collage and stencils using a variety of products from Imagine/Tsukineko and the Finnabair line of products. A rusted finish will then be applied to the background, highlighted with waxes, mica powders, glass glitter, micro beads and more! Once the background has been set, students will begin to create embellishments with Iron Orchid Designs paper clay and molds, adding these creations to the Art Mechanicals and other found objects. All Day Class (8 hours)


Between the Pages

Altered book arts takes a new look and feel with this all day class that will transform an old book into a masterpiece work of art! Students will learn how to carve a ‘shrine’ from the pages of the book which will be filled with Art Mechanicals embellishments and pieces created from Iron Orchid Designs paper clay and mold. The front cover of the book holds a decorated book which opens to reveal a beautiful scene set upon a fabric background created with Sculpture Medium. Students will learn a variety of techniques for creating their own textures, color palettes, and embellishment opportunities that can be used for a variety of other projects including how to use Patina and Stone Effects Pastes with other products from the Finnabair line, along with your favorite inks and texture mediums from Imagine. This is a great one day alternative to the ‘Creative Assemblage’ class. All Day Class (8 hours)


Art Varietal

Who says that you can’t enjoy a bottle of wine once the bottle is empty? Take your love of mixed media to transform an empty wine (or other) bottle into a beautiful piece of art that can be used for a vase or simply stand alone as a home decor piece. Students will learn the fundamentals to working with paper clay and how to successfully shape their molded pieces to wrap flush against the contours of the bottle. Texture and color will be explored as students apply either a patina or rust textured finish to their bottles over elegantly stamped background images with products from Imagine and the Finnabair line of products. Once the clay embellishments have been added to the bottle, glass glitter and micro beads will highlight this project with finishing highlights of antique waxes and mica powder.

Choose one Varietal for students to complete in class: “Versailles” patina finish OR “Urban” rust finish

4 hours


Mechanicals Frame 

Take mixed media to a new level with this all day class! First we’ll add layers of color and texture onto our background frames, including working with Sculpture Medium with fabrics. Next you’ll be introduced how easy it is to mould your own embellishments with paper clay to incorporate into your work with your other embellishments. To finish our frames, you’ll discover how easy it is to create your own texture pastes and add inclusions for stunning results using Imagine/Tsukineko and products from the Finnabair line. The completed frame can either be hung on a wall, or the built in stand allows this piece to decorate your table top or perfectly on a shelf. Select color palettes available for this class or use patina or rust pastes. All Day Class


Carte Blanc Decor

This technique driven workshop will introduce you to taking mixed media to the next level to create your own custom canvas built in multiple layers with texture, stunning colors and hidden treasures. You will learn how to create custom colors of texture pastes, layering and coloring a variety of embellishments, and making seamless backgrounds that can be used on a variety of different mixed media projects using products from Imagine/Tsukineko and Finnabair lines of products. The focal point of the completed canvas is the smaller ‘shrine’ in the middle of the canvas. 4 hours


Funky Fiber Journal 

Built from scratch, students will explore the basics of book making in this class with an easy to replicate formula for creating any sized book that can be used as a journal, photo album or more. Students will use texture pastes, layer with inks on paper and metal with Imagine/Tsukineko products, and create embellishments for the book spine. Optional class will introduce students to the basics of working with resin to create a stunning bezel for the cover of the book.

3 hours without resin bezel OR 4 hours with resin bezel


The Book Shrine

Take book arts to a completely new level with this inspiring class that introduces students to upcycling old books into works of art! We’ll begin class by learning how to transform a book into a solid canvas, then carve the opening into the book. Once our book block has been created, students will begin to create the background with a variety of stencils, paints and texture mediums from Imagine/Tsukineko and the Finnabair line of products. Once the frame has been colored, other embellishments will be added to complete the shrine. 4 hours


Antiqued Frames

Making home decor pieces is quick and easy in this class where students will create their own antiqued picture frame, complete with beautiful embellishments. Discover the endless possibilities of making stunning home decor pieces that can be easily personalized.

Choose either Rust or Patina finish for students to complete in class.

3 hours



Altered Cigar Box

Transform an old box into a stunning work of art that can be used for storing your treasures, or as a stand alone home decor piece! Discover how to color and add texture to your box with your favorite Finnabair and Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko supplies including a variety of embellishments. The inside of the box will be transformed by shaping fabric with Sculpture Medium, then colored to match the outside of the Cigar Box.  4 hours


Mini Dioramas

Sometimes there’s more to see in a smaller piece of artwork – that’s the idea behind this class, a great introduction into mixed media! Students will begin by shaping fabric with Sculpture Medium to create the background, then add texture pastes and color to the entire diorama frame and embellishments with products from Imagine/Tsukineko and Finnabair. 3 hours


Authentique Shadow Box

Mixed media meets scrapbooking in this class where you will create a stunning shadow box featuring papers from Authentique while creating texture with the newest products from Finnabair and your favorite inks from Imagine to take layouts to an entirely new level!  4 hours


Mini Tag Book

Take your love of mini books to a completely new level while learning the basics of working in mixed media! Begin by creating a book cover from embossed metal, and then color with StazOn inks and seal the covers with a faux resin finish. The shipping tag pages will be colored and layered with your favorite Imagine Crafts inks, texture pastes and sprays before putting it all together to create this fab mini book. 3 hours


The Art Board 

Introduce yourself to mixed media in this class that will teach you the fundamentals in using background and coloring techniques with inks, texture sprays, texture pastes and working with embellishments using the Imagine/Tsukienko line of products. Learn how to successfully color and stamp on metal. 3 hours


Rusted Patina Album

What do you get when you combine Rust and Patina Effects Pastes? It’s the Rusted Patina Album! Students will learn how to combine the beautiful colors of both of these texture paste palettes to color and texture the cover and pages of the chipboard album. Once the book has been colored, students will then color their embellishments including a touch of Mica Powders and Delicata inks to make them shimmer and shine. Then it’s time for assembly where students will master the technique of adhering all of their embellishments and how to add Mica Flakes, Micro Beads and more to the pastes for adding additional color and texture.  3 hours

Memory Hardware Album







This class will transform one of the blank Prima Memory Hardware Albums into a beautiful keepsake book with paper from Authentique and embellished with Finnabair texture pastes and embellishments, along with your favorite inks and texture mediums from Imagine. Full size album will also feature paper clay pieces students will create in class.  Mini Album 3 hours  Full Size Album 4 hours


Imagine Everyday Crafting

Who says that rubber stamp inks are just for paper crafting? Learn how to use the wide range of inks from Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko to create your own personalized t-shirt (or other fabric pieces), along with how to successfully color and stamp on glass to create your own vase that can also be used as a candle holder.


Imagine Mixed Media Basics

Who says that Imagine and Tsukineko only make stamping inks for cardmaking? This class will introduce students to all the different applications the wide range of products made by these manufacturers can be used on a variety of different surfaces. Students will complete both projects in class. 4 hours


Tchotchke Talisman

Follow your inner spirit to create your own talisman necklace, featuring your favorite tchotckes and found objects to create a stunning necklace that is an masterpiece to behold! 3 hours


Mechanicals Jewelry

Want to learn how to create simple statement jewelry pieces using your love for mixed media? Then this class was made for you! Using Finnabair’s line of Art Mechanicals embellishments, you’ll learn how easy it is to make your own jewelry from the Imagine/Tsukineko and FInnabair line of products. 3 hours


Faux Dichro Bezels

Working with ICE Resin, StazOn inks with Creative Medium and embellishments, students will learn in class how to create stunning bezels that resemble Dichroic Glass without the kiln! Endless possibilities and a great class for those who already work in mixed media. Students will complete 2 bezels in class.  3 hours


Embossed Metal Bezels

Take your paper crafting skills to the next level in this class where you will learn how to emboss metal with a die cut machine and then color those pieces with StazOn inks, paints and more. Students will complete two bezels in class.  3 hours



Slide Mount Necklace

Transform upcycled metal slide mounts into a double sided work of art! This is another great introductory class on how to successfully work with ICE Resin and mixed media products from Imagine/Tsukineko and Prima Marketing, just on a smaller scale that can be worn.  3 hours




Overview of Teaching Engagement Agreement

The following discusses the guidelines for holding an event in your store.  Please note that every store/booking is unique and that these are “general” guidelines to serve as the foundation of the final contract that will be sent to you once all the details have been established.

  • Most supplies are provided to complete class projects including embellishments, resin, paints, texture mediums and pastes, stamp inks, rubber stamps, stencils and other supplies. Class supplies costs are calculated at wholesale costs when determining class fees.
  • Full supply lists will be given once class dates are confirmed and our contract has been signed.
  • Students are asked to bring a “basics” class kit (scissors, adhisives, paper trimmers, etc).  A complete list of supplies for students to bring to class will be provided and may vary depending on class selection. Due to shipping costs and/or other limitations, some class supplies may need to be purchased by the student and brought to class. These supplies will be clearly communicated to the store owner.
  • Almost all of the classes can be customized to fit your student’s preferences including colors, sizes, etc.
  • Class minimum is 12 students per class. If this minimum is not met, the store will be responsible for paying the difference. Generally speaking, the maximum per class is 30 students without prior arrangements being made.
  • Length of the classes are listed with each class description.
  • It is expected that your store will host a minimum of two full days of classes which would total a combination of 8 hours of instruction per day. Preference for hosting classes over a weekend are: Friday night evening class (3 hours), 8 hours Saturday and minimum 6 hours on Sunday.
  • Unless otherwise discussed, all class prices listed include travel expenses, shipping of class supplies, etc. for continental US destinations. Any possible additional fees and/or expenses will be discussed prior to signing of the teaching agreement and are mostly dependent upon travel.
  • Full payment is due at the end of classes, no exceptions.
  • An ‘all class discount’ will be offered to those students who attend all classes offered. This price will be provided prior to signing of the teaching contract.
  • Classes will be promoted through all of my social media channels (email blast, Facebook and Instagram) and when applicable through manufacturer’s websites and social media channels.
  • Class images with descriptions will be provided to you for use to promote through your own social media channels.
  • Class samples will be provided for display in your store and will be returned once the class is complete.

Please don’t hesitate to inquire about creating customized classes, supplies, and any other questions you may have! Send an email to