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Welcome to the 2nd Day of the ICE Resin and Indigo Blu Blog Hop! I’m here to share with you this fabulous ornament I created with the new stamp images from IndigoBlu along with one of the new ICED Enamels colors, Garnet.  This was a fun project for me because I learned how to use new products and techniques to incorporate into future projects.

I love to work in layers to give dimension and depth to projects. In the case of this ornament, there’s a total of seven layers used! It’s because of all these layers that you see different parts of the ornament depending on the angle and lighting.



If this looks familiar to you but you’re not quite sure what it is, let me place it for you – it’s the clamp (connector) for for a dryer exhaust tube! I thought that this would be a fun and inexpensive base for creating my ornament, classy meets industrial. If you notice in the picture that there are holes around the sides of the clamp, which would allow the resin to just spill out, which I completely forgot about because I was so excited to get to the next part of the project LOL To keep the resin from spilling out, line the inside of the clamp with metal tape from the hardware store and then trim to size. Not only will this keep the resin in place, but it also provides a smoother surface for applying the ICED Enamels.

After applying the tape, paint on a nice coat of ICED Enamels Medium. I find it easier to first do the inside of the clamp and then the outside. Once the medium has been applied, sprinkle on ICED Enamels Garnet, sprinkle off excess and then set with a heat tool. Allow the Enamel to cool down completely before handling – it will be extremely hot!

Once the enamels have cooled, use packing tape to create a bottom to the clamp with the sticky side of the tape facing towards the inside of the clamp. Don’t be afraid to use multiple pieces of tape to cover the bottom. Ensure that it’s held securely in place to avoid having any resin seep out and with good tension to keep it as flat a possible once the resin has cured.

Mix a small amount of resin following the manufacturer’s instructions, enough to make a “base” of resin that completely fills the bottom and is about ¼” depth of the bezel. Then sprinkle ICED Glitter in Gold and Silver, along with Silver Mica so that it rests on the top of the resin. Allow to cure.


Now time for some gilding… I’ll admit that in the past I’ve avoided gilding because the flakes made such a huge mess. With the IndigoBlu Flutter Glu Starter Kit this is all taken care of because you use the box to reign in all those gilding flakes! I decided to work with plain white tissue paper for the stamping and gilding because the tissue paper turns transparent when set with resin, leaving the stamped images “floating” inside the piece.

The gilding process is pretty simple with the Starter Kit – begin with cutting a piece of Phat Foam, this is your “inkpad” for the adhesive. Apply a small amount of FlutterGlu onto the white side of the Phat Foam and massage into the foam. Use this to ink the Snowflake Lace stamp, and then stamp the image onto white tissue paper. Stamp gently and carefully remove the tissue from the stamp. Be sure to clean your stamp immediately after stamping (warm water or enclosed Stamp Cleaner).


Use the lid of the Starter Kit (genius I tell you!) as your tray to keep the gilding from wondering everywhere. Place the stamped tissue face up and then sprinkle Winter Dawn Gilding Flakes onto the tissue – it doesn’t take very much for good coverage. Begin to rub the flakes into the adhesive with your finger tips with light pressure to avoid tearing the tissue paper. Remove the excess Gilding Flakes and polish the image with the grey square Scoochy Sponge.


Repeat the same steps using the Merry Christmas Round stamp and substituting Copper Gilding Flakes.  Over stamp the gilded image using the same stamp with StazOn Black Cherry to give a dimensional effect. On a separate piece of tissue, stamp Design Merry Christmas with StazOn Forest Green.

Now it’s time to start creating the layers of resin that will each hold the stamped tissue paper. On top of the base layer that has already been poured, paint a thin layer of resin onto the top. Gently place the gilded Snowflake Lace tissue on top of the resin and use a pouring stick to smooth out the tissue using a light hand to avoid tearing the tissue. Add more resin to cover the tissue and soon you’ll see the tissue paper become transparent before your eyes – Honey Shazam!!! Continue this layering process to add both Merry Christmas stamped images and inclusions to your delight. To add more depth to the ornament you can very the amount of resin used in each layer or even create layers of just inclusions.


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Heck yeahs there’s prizes, after all this is a pretty swanky and fun Blog Hop!

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ICE Resin ICE Resin, ICED Enamels Garnet, ICED Enamels Medium, ICED Glitter Inclusions: Silver, Gold, Copper; ICED Mica Inclusions Silver,

IndigoBlu Flutter Glu Starter Kit, Mega Flakes: Winter Dawn, Copper;  Stamps: Snowflake Lace A6, Design Merry Christmas A6, Merry Christmas Circle; Slim Jims acrylic blocks

Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko StazOn: Black Cherry, Forest Green; Craft Mat

Miscellaneous dryer clamp, metal tape, clear packing tape, white tissue paper


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  1. Darcydaydream

    great project and great use of the dryer exhaust tube. Who would have though of using something like this! I will have to get my ice resin out of the cupboard and start using it!…xx

  2. Wow, what an inspiring piece, I love it……..hugs Lisa.B.x …..IndigoBlu Dt

  3. Hi John, we had a similar idea with the tissue paper then! But I love the layering you have done, and the great use of the clip! Great project.
    Nikki K. xx

  4. WOW!! This is amazing. Love all the different layers, there’s so much detail and it looks so delicate …… just gorgeous! Linda xx

  5. Great project, tissue paper with the resin seams very popular as it’s so different.x

  6. Laura Williams

    Love what you have done! Hugs Laura x

  7. Ingenous use of a dryer clamp and lovely ornament like the industrial look great for a guy present

  8. Stunning piece – great idea for a decoration

  9. Carol La Valley

    Awesome! I am inspired to try more tissue paper projects with flitter.

  10. Thank you for sharing such an amazing technique on using the Ice Resin. Loving the Christmas decoration.
    Linda xxx

  11. Laura Strack

    Gorgeous ornament, John! Thanks for all the tips on the tissue paper 🙂

  12. Lesley Lawton

    lovely work! very inspirational thank you for sharing xx

  13. Craftyfield

    Straight from the DIY catalogue! I would laugh except… guess who receives the DIY & Tools catalogue in my house? Me, of course and I don’t even do DIY. This is a great idea for a one of the kind ornament, brilliant!

  14. What a fantastic creation.great step by step too.Hugs Debbie x

  15. Jan Sharp

    This is so clever and I love the finished project. I don’t think I’d have the patience for all the layers though! Thank you, Jan

  16. Ingenious idea, I love it 🙂

  17. Lovely tree ornament John – I am loving the look of the ice resin technique.
    Thank you for sharing.

  18. Love it John, the layering, the pipe piece, everything!

  19. Sandy Small

    That is pretty cool to use the dryer clamp hardware!

  20. LOVE the dryer exhaust pipe clamp! Such a great idea! Now I am wondering if other types of clamps would work …. gonna check it out on my next trip to ACE.

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