Sunflower Brooch

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I absolutely LOVE sunflowers – to me they are the true summertime flower!  The most vivid memory I have of sunflowers was when I stayed in this small hotel in Southern France, admittedly in the middle of absolutely no where.  On the drive to hotel, we pulled off the road onto what I would generously call a dirt path and began down the bumpy and pothole-filled road with “where the heck are we going?!” racing through my mind when I looked out of the window to see sunflowers… Not just a few, but never ending fields of sunflowers!  The small hotel we were staying in was surrounded by acres of sunflowers, blazing brightly against the deep blue sky.  I ended up spending the evening just staring at all these sunflowers and whenever I see a sunflower I am brought back to that place and time.

Many of you know that I love to garden, it’s my “zen” place where I can just BE and not have to think about work or life, just me, the dirt and my flowers and plants.  At our old house, I would plant sunflowers every year beneath the kitchen window so that when they reached their peak at the end of August/beginning of September all I would see when I looked out the bay window were sunflowers.  This previous year was my first growing season at our new house, and I planted sunflowers down the entire fence line, but life and deadlines got in the way this year so I didn’t plant sunflowers.  I noticed on my drive to work this morning that one of my neighbors had sunflowers and I smiled – and thought about this project that I’d like to share with everyone.

This is a sunflower brooch that is made of metal – yes, metal!  There’s LOTS of small pieces involved because it only measures about 3¼˝ in diameter in size when finished but I absolutely LOVE the look of it!


Here’s how you can create your own…..

Cutting and Coloring the Petals
1. Using the “Create A Sunflower” petal dies, cut the following number of petals for each size through the Artisan X-plorer machine (with the Metal Shim): 9 each of #1, 12 each of remaining petal sizes.
2. Die cut one each of the receptacle disc (the middle of the flower).
3. Place a small drop of copper nail polish at the stem of the first die cut petal.
4. With metallic yellow nail polish, blend the two colors and pull towards the edges and ends of the petals. Add more yellow as needed. This will give the inside of the petals a darker color.
5. Repeat this same technique for all petals.
6. Paint the middle of the flower (disc piece) with copper nail polish.
7. Completely paint the Circles One bezel with yellow nail polish.
8. Once the nail polish has dried completely, apply a coat of GlazOn™ with an InkBlusher™ to seal the nail polish on all pieces.
9. Use a pen (or similar) to wrap the petal around, giving the petals a rolled appearance. This will make the completed sunflower have a more realistic look.

Assembling the Flower

  1. Assembly of the flower begins with using the #4 Petals.
  2. Place a small Dotz glue dot onto the backside of the smallest end (stem) of the petal just at the end of the petal and wrap the excess adhesive onto itself.
  3. Fold the small stem piece of the petal upwards at a 90˚ degree angle.
  4. Firmly press the adhesive end of the petal down so that the stem (bent) piece of the petal is resting against the outer rim of the bezel’s circle in the center and the bottom of the flower is attached to the bezel base.
  5. Repeat for remaining petals of this size.
  6. Apply Dotz to the first #3 Petal and place the petal over the gap between two of the #4 petals to create an overlapping appearance.
  7. Continue adding the #3 Petals onto the bezel in the same manner.
  8. Pick up the first #2 Petal and fold the stem piece down at a 90˚ degree angle, opposite of the previous petals.
  9. Affix Dotz to the petal and place the stem of the petal at the bottom of the bezel along the inside edge of the circle.
  10. Press the stem against the inside edge of the bezel.
  11. Slightly bend the petal so that the adhesive holds to the top of the bezel rim and is secured in place. Shape petal as needed.
  12. Add the remaining #2 Petals to the bezel.
  13. Repeat the same process for adding the #1 Petals to the inside edge of the bezel.
  14. Use multiple dimensional Dotz to build height to the back of the copper painted disc piece.
  15. Place into the center of the flower.
  16. Add Gem Stickers onto the disc piece to resemble seeds.
  17. Adhere pin back onto the backside of the bezel.
    Die Cuts With A View Gem Stickers black
    IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko GlazOn Layer Protectant, Inkblushers applicators
    Scrapbook Adhesives Dotz small, Dotz dimensional
    Spellbinders Create A Sunflower die set, Circles One bezel #3 (Susan Lenart Kazmar), Aluminum metal, Metal Shim plate, Artisan X-ploer Machine
    Miscellaneous metallic nail polish (yellow, copper), pin back

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  1. barbara macaskill

    I too love sunflowers! They are such a glorious flower that always make me feel happy! I have yet to plant any but am thinking that since we are in our forever home I just might plant them next year! It would be so nice to have them right outside my bedroom window where I can see them as I wake up! Who wouldn’t have a good day after waking up and seeing Sunflowers? Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece with me!

  2. Your sunflower is gorgeous.

  3. Love your sunflower and right with you on the gardening zen x

  4. You are a true artisan John, love this

  5. This is so pretty…I love the color you achieved with the nail polish! I so need some of that copper – it’s my favorite metal color and it’s perfect!

    Thanks for the wonderful idea!

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