Switching Gears

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I’m going to start this post by saying that it’s been a long time since I’ve been stir crazy to release a post but alas I needed to be patient a bit to share these cool bezels with everyone until the tutorial was live on the ICE Resin Blog.

Before I share with you about how to make these great bezels, I have to give a huge shout out and thank you to Tatiana Allen for the inspiration for this project… After I saw Tatiana Allen’s project a few weeks ago on the ICE Resin® blog on creating shapes using embossing folders, the ideas started to swirl in my head about what I could create! I stumbled across a project that I had made years ago in a class that used UTEE embossing powder, and while handling the project the UTEE cast piece broke and I then remembered why I avoided making projects with UTEE. And then it dawned upon me – why not use Tatiana’s technique with colored ICE Resin® to create a background for a bezel!

I’d just recently been to a flea market and purchased some fab vintage tchotchkes including watch parts and gears that were waiting to be used, so this project was born!

These bezels also have a special meaning to me personally, since it was the first piece of jewelry that I’ve created that I actually sold! Yes, I’ve sold other artwork in the past but I’ve never sold any of my jewelry pieces before because like so many people, I’ve never thought that my pieces were “good enough” to sell.  When I was at Bead & Button demo’ing, I decided that since I was in the ICE Resin booth I should probably wear something made with the product and I had just finished up these pieces and brought them with me to the Show.  And low and behold, about an hour after I put the bezel around my neck this random customer bought it right off of me!  I’m still in a little bit of shock about it, I must admit – I guess that this makes me an “official” jewelry artist now!




Using a brush, cover the backside of the bezel with ICED Enamels™ Medium. Sprinkle on Iced Enamels Relique™ Torched Copper and heat set. Allow to cool down completely before repeating for the sides and front of the bezel.
Mix ICED Resin® according to instructions and use a brush to apply to the sides and back of the covered bezel; allow to cure completely.



Create another batch of ICE Resin®, this time adding a drop of StazOn Opaque Ivory Black.  Pour resin into the Creative Cogs 3D M-Bossabilities Folder; allow to cure completely. NOTE: If you do not allow the colored resin to cure completely in the folder, it will be “rubbery” and will tear when you try to remove it from the folder.

Lightly twist the embossing folder until the resin begins to come out of the embossing plate.



With an InkBlusher, lightly apply StazOn Metallic Gold and allow to dry. Repeat with StazOn Metallic Copper. Once dried, apply a thin coat of GlazOn.

Trim embossed resin pieces to fit inside of the long rectangle bezels.

Use adhesive to hold the embossed resin pieces into the bottom of the bezel.


Mix a batch of clear ICE Resin® and apply a thin layer into the bottom of the bezel. Begin adding found objects into the bezel, lightly coating on the backside of each piece with ICE Resin before adding into the bezel.

Continue adding more gears and watch parts, along with Art Mechanique™ Chocolate German Glass Glitter and ICED Enamels™ Shattered Mica Bronze as desired.

Fill in bezel with ICE Resin® and allow to completely cure.

I hope that this project has inspired you to use ICE Resin in new and adventurous ways in your mixed media and jewelry projects!


ICE Resin® ICE Resin®, ICED Enamels™ Medium, ICED Enamels Relique™ Torched Copper, Art Mechanique™ Chocolate German Glass Glitter, ICED Enamels™ Shattered Mica Bronze, Mixed Metal Hobnail Long Rectangle Bezel Large Antique Silver, brushes

IMAGINE Crafts®/Tsukineko® StazOn Opaque Ivory Black, StazOn Metallic Gold and Copper, GlazOn, InkBlusher

Spellbinders® Creative Cogs 3D M-Bossabilities Folder

Miscellaneous watch parts, gears, adhesive

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  1. Wow, it’s good to know we all feel that way – even you (surprises me!). I don’t know why you would think it’s not good enough…everything I’ve ever seen that you’ve made has been beautiful!

    Especially this piece! Love anything gears so it’s perfect.

  2. barbara macaskill

    WOW! I find it hard to believe that you don’t consider your pieces “good enough” but it is good to know I am not the only one who feels that way! Your work is beautiful and I would be honored to own a piece of it. One of these days I am going to see something you made and make you an offer! LOL

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