Amethyst Dragonfly – Coloring with ICE Resin

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Amethyst_DFly_main_blogMany times when I’m teaching classes, I have at least a couple of students ask “How do I color my ICE Resin?” I’ve given a few suggestions from what I’ve heard from other members of the ICE Resin Team, but to be honest I’ve always wondered WHY you would want to color your resin? Maybe I’m just a purest, but I’ve always been a firm believer that if ICE Resin was meant to be colored, it would come that way. But now that I’ve been exploring the world of casting, the idea of colored resin has crossed my mind a few times so I thought that I’d share with you how I colored my resin using rubber stamp ink refills.

I experimented a bit with different types of inks – StazOn (solvent) and StazOn Opaques, VersaMagic (pigment chalk), Brilliance (pearlescent pigment) and Memento (dye). All of these inks mixed pretty much the same in the resin except for the Memento dye ink, which I found tended to create “spots” of color in places instead of mixing completely into the resin. For this project, I decided to use Brilliance Sky Blue Pigment Ink. It only took a small drop (think half a drop!) of ink into the ICE Resin, and I was mixing 5 oz for this bezel!


And I have to admit that I loved the result of the color resin – slightly opaque blue with a pearlescent finish. This combination adds color, yet is transparent enough to see treasures hidden beneath!



1. Using a brush, cover the backside of the bezel with ICED Enamels™ Medium. Sprinkle on ICED Enamels Relique™ Amethyst and heat set. Allow to cool down completely before repeating for the sides and front of the bezel.

2. Color the dragonfly wings in the same manner using ICED Enamels Relique™ Chartreuse.

3. Mix ICED Resin® according to instructions and use a brush to apply to the sides and back of the covered bezel; allow to cure completely.

4. Set the wings of the dragonfly with ICED Resin®.

5. Coat the flower with resin (both sides of petals) and allow to dry. Doing this will make adding them to the bezel with resin much easier.



6. Cut printed paper with Rectangles Two die and adhere to bottom of bezel.

7. Mix ICED Resin® according to instructions. Add a small drop of Brilliance Sky Blue ink and fold into resin. Allow resin to prep.

8. Apply a coat of the colored resin onto the back of the rhinestones and then lay down the rhinestones into the bezel. Repeat for the flowers.

9. Add a thin layer of resin into the bottom of the bezel.

10. Sprinkle Art Mechanique™ Amethyst German Glass Glitter and ICED Enamels™ Shattered Chartreuse Mica before adding more resin.

11. Continue adding resin and inclusions until the bezel is filled.

12. Add the Art Mechanique™ Multicolored Gem Brads to the middle of the flowers.

13. Place the dragonfly onto of the flowers, allowing the wings to be exposed (not covered with resin).

14. Allow bezel to fully cure.



ICE Resin® ICE Resin®, ICED Enamels™ Medium, ICED Enamels Relique™ Amethyst, ICE Enamels Relique™ Chartreuse, Art Mechanique™ Amethyst German Glass Glitter, ICED Enamels™ Shattered Mica Chartreuse, Mixed Metal Hobnail Rectangle Bezel Large Antique Silver, Art Mechanique™ Multicolored Gem Brads, brushes

IMAGINE Crafts®/Tsukineko Brilliance Sky Blue inker

Petaloo® white flowers

Spellbinders Media Mixage™ Rectangles Two die (large)

Miscellaneous metal dragonfly, rhinestone chain, printed paper, adhesive



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  1. Beverly Jordan

    Thank you for the tutorial! So helpful and love your artistic piece! Beautiful!

  2. Hi, John – THX so much for posting your Amethyst Dragonfly Bezel project. This is a big help. I especially appreciated the use of the ICE enamels to transform the look of the Bezel – it makes for a younger, fresher look.

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