“Elegant” Jewelry

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Jewelry has become even more elegant when using the newest paper collection from Authentique Paper – “Classique: Elegant.”  I absolutely love this new collection of paper with it’s stylized printed designs, and it doesn’t hurt that it features my favorite colors, blue and black.  As soon as I saw this paper collection, I just knew that I had to create some wonderful pieces of jewelry with it!  Be sure to check out the Authentique Paper Blog which features more information on how to create your own “Elegant” jewelry and other ideas using this paper collection.

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  1. Susan Grovogel

    I recently had a problem with the Ice Resin. I was making a pendant for my daughter with my granddaughters picture in it. I used a metal frame, then glued her picture in it. Then I mixed up the Ice Resin and spread it on the picture. The resin would never harden; it still has a sticky feeling to touch it. Where did I go wrong? Your input is definitely appreciated!

    • Susan – I’ve had this problem before and don’t panic, it’s actually a pretty easy fix! Majority of the time the stickiness occurs when the resin hasn’t been mixed in equal parts, 1:1. The most important part of using ICE Resin that I’ve discovered over the years is that the hardest part of using the product is the measuring and correct mixing. If the resin has set but is sticky to the touch, all you have to do is mix up another small batch of resin and reapply a thin coat of resin – it’s that simple! I had to be taught this trick and it’s been worth it’s weight in gold and saved so many projects. Unfortunately if the resin won’t harden at all, this technique won’t work =( I hope that this answers your question! Feel free to email me at john@artnewwave.com if you have any other questions, I’d be more than happy to try and answer them for you!

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