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Welcome to the Imagine Crafts®/Tsukineko®Stampendous Stamps, and ICE Resin®  Blog Hop! You’ll be amazed what we have for you this weekend! For the next four days you’ll be treated to some of the most amazing projects you’ve seen with some of the hottest mixed media artists in crafting! The possibilities for crafting with these great products are truly endless!  Here’s my project that I’m sharing for this Blog Hop, a piano hinge bound mini book.


This fun mini sized book combines my favorite products from IMAGINE Crafts, ICE Resin and Stampendous Stamps.  The base of this book was created using the “Royal Heart” Stack Art sets from Stampendous, which was then colored with StazOn inks from IMAGINE Crafts.  The entire book cover was then set with ICE Resin.


Start with two pieces of the large tags from the Kraftboard pack, one for each book cover.  White wash both Kraftboard pieces (front and back sides) with StazOn Cotton White; allow to dry completely.  With an InkBlusher, apply a thin coat of GlazOn over the Kraftboard.  Add the following colors of StazOn, alternating with a layer of GlazOn between colors: Blue Hawaii, Emerald City, highlights with Midnight Blue.  Using the script rubber stamp, use StazOn Metallic Silver to stamp on one side of each piece of Kraftboard for the book’s covers.

IR_IC_Spnds_Hop_4For creating the large shield piece, coat the Kraftboard piece completely with Ice Enamels Medium.  Sprinkle on Iced Enamels German Silver, tap off excess and then heat set with a heat tool.  This process will be repeated but before applying the second layer, generously ink the text stamp with VersaMark. Apply the second layer, and while the Iced Enamels are still hot, stamp down into the Iced Enamels and hold in place for a few seconds.  This will create the texture that is composed of the text.  Allow to cool completely.

Once this has cooled, use an InkBlusher to highlight the top of the text with StazOn Blue Hawaii and Midnight Blue and allow to air dry.  Once the StazOn ink is set, apply three layers of GlazOn over the piece to help prevent the StazOn inks from possibly migrating when the ICE Resin is added.

Color the crown Kraftboard piece first with a primer layer of StazOn Cotton White, followed with a good layer of StazOn Blue Hawaii.  When finished coloring, add a layer of GlazOn to help set the inks.

Cut out the “Follow your art” sentiment found in the “Royal Heart” set and highlight with StazOn Blue Hawaii.

Mix the ICE Resin following the manufacturer’s instructions.  While allowing the ICE Resin to set after mixing, adhere the sentiment under the shield piece with the die cut adhesive pieces found in the “Royal Heart” set.  Apply ICE Resin to the outside covers of the book, mixing in mica and glitter as desired.  Apply ICE Resin separately to the crown piece at the same time.  Allow the resin to fully cure.


To embellish the heart piece that is found on the back cover, apply a layer of ICE Resin directly onto the KraftBoard piece.  Generously sprinkle Blue Crushed Glass Glitter onto the resin and press firmly into place.  Do NOT cover this with resin – in this application method, the glass glitter will have a “raw” appearance and the resin is acting as an adhesive that will firmly hold this in place.

To fill the inside of the heart (once the KraftBoard piece has cured), place down the die cut adhesive sheet that is found in the “Royal Heart” set onto the book cover.  Sprinkle silver glitter over the top and tap off the excess.  Cover this with the glass glitter heart outline KraftBoard piece that has the coordinating die cut adhesive placed onto the backside to hold onto the back cover of the book.





Have some extra ICE Resin left over after setting the book covers?  Don’t waste it – use it to create ICE Resin paper!  I always keep a pile of scrap paper that I can cover with ICE Resin to create great embellishment pieces for projects!  Simply brush on your left over ICE Resin onto both sides of your paper, then allow to dry completely on a non-stick Craft Mat (or similar).  Remember that when using a double sided paper, if you don’t use a paper sealer first the resin will soak through both sides of the paper, giving the paper a translucent appearance.  This has a very cool effect but remember that this also means that if you have text on the backside of the paper, the text will appear backwards.




IMAGINE Crafts  StazOn solvent inks (Blue Hawaii, Cotton White, Emerald City, Midnight Blue, Metallic Silver), VersaMark, GlazOn, InkBlushers

ICE Resin  ICE Resin, Iced Enamels Medium, Iced Enamels (German Silver), Relique Glitz (mica, silver glitter)

Stampendous Stack Art “Royal Heart” (Kraftboard and coordinating stamp set), Crushed Glass Glitter, Mica Fragments

Miscellaneous: heat tool


I hope that you enjoyed this fun project and that I’ve inspired you to create you own mini book using these great products!  Be sure to leave your comment below so that you can be entered into the contest for the great prize package.


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  1. Cathy Andronicou

    Gorgeous colours, love this! please don’t include this comment in prize draw

  2. Heather Thompson

    This is so cool. What a great project. I love the color and texture of this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Cindy Solly

    Love the look!

  4. Follow your art. Very creative. I like the hint on what to do with the left overs. Your project is really nice.

    • Bunny – it’s a great way to use that left over resin, no matter how well you measure it always seems that there’s a little bit left that you don’t want to go to waste.

  5. Julie Strenke

    Awesome project. I love the colors you used.

  6. Love that blue Stazon ink! Super cool project!

  7. Diana Mitchell

    This is such a great idea and I never thought about making a book but will have to try that! Great idea!

  8. I really love this! Very inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  9. Wow! This is like combining the jewelry making class I took in high school with papercrafts. Love this! Amazing book!

    • Jenny these little mini books are awesome if you include some beading or other jewelry making techniques – don’t hold back when you make your own =)


    just beautiful!!!

  11. Carol Mc

    Your book is amazing. I love the colors and the stamping.
    Great tutorial.

  12. Mmmm this is such a scrumptiously mouthwatering mini album!!!!! The colors are GORG!!! Thanks for the great tips!!! I am beyond inspired by you and this delightful miniature work of art!!! You’re awesome!! Thank you for sharing a bit of that awesomeness with us today for this super cool hop! I can hardly wait to see what y’all have in store for the rest of the event! 😀

    • Linsey I’m so glad you enjoyed the mini book, and I hope the tips were worth their weight in gold =)

  13. Nicole B

    wow, love how it came out! the colors are amazing.

  14. Absolutely marvelous darling!

  15. John: I want to take a minibook blass from you! Carol from ICE Resin

    • I think that we might be able to set this up Miss Carol – and can’t wait to see your project on Sunday!

  16. WOW!!! John, this is just fantastic! What a mini work of art! And you can fill it with such fantastic things! YUM!! Thanks so much for sharing with our products! What a fun hop this is going to be!

    • Thanks to everyone at Stampendous for the wonderful products and inspiration – this book wouldn’t have been possible without all that creative genius at Stampendous!

  17. John, you rocked this!!!

  18. barbara macaskill

    What an amazing mini!!! I absolutely love it and the colors are ideal! TFS!

  19. Laine Murphy

    Absolutely beautiful! I’m going to have to try this one out for myself.

  20. Beverly

    Wow! Ice Resin book covers?! That is a great idea. Love the beautiful mini book you created.

    • Beverly there’s so many things that you can create with resin – believe me, it becomes addictive VERY quickly!

  21. Auntie Watson

    Really cute little book. Would look great on a bookcase or mantel. I like your color combination.

  22. helen markee

    love it!! I love the colors you used.

  23. Great colors on your creative book.
    Sue in Ohio

  24. John, I love the look of the paper that you coated. Is the paper stiff with this product on it? Or does it remain flexible?

    • Kris I’d say that the paper is still pretty flexible, in the sense that it bends pretty well. I would avoid trying to fold the paper though, that’s when it tends to “break” the resin if that makes sense. It’s a cool technique to wrap around a glass vase to make a votive or to incorporate into a double sided bezel for example. Depending on how you apply the resin (and how much) you can get different results as well – a thicker application is going to give the paper a more kind of laminated finish, where as a thinner coat will result in something similar to an oil paper or papyrus.

  25. Loved the cool blue colors and really loved the sentiment “follow your art”…very true. Have not tried to make a book yet, but appreciate the tips about using the resin for paper. Nifty idea!

  26. beautiful colors and Follow your art!!! awesome…thank you

  27. This is really amazing.. I love the colors. I really want to try this now…thank you for such a beautiful mini… Follow your art love love this

    good luck everyone 🙂

  28. Carla Hundley

    Oh this is lovely and
    quite unique!
    Carla from Utah

  29. love the colors chosen! might make a great gift for police/fire/EMS!

  30. Great colors and collage work. WOW!

  31. Laura Strack

    What a cool little album full of wonderful texture and love that Stazon Blue Hawaii! Ice resin on the book covers sounds cool. I’m sure the pics don’t do you book justice! TFS, John!!

    • Laura very true – the pictures don’t do the book justice. With all the mica and glitter, along with the resin finish, this book actually sparkles when it catches the light.

  32. durandconnie

    I never would have thought of this. It is so beautiful and colorful! This would make a nice gift;) thank you, -con

  33. I love the color and the look

  34. Denise Sullivan

    The background of your project is absolutely stunning. The blue just catches you and draws you in to see all the other wonderful details. This is my favorite project so far. I love mixed media. The stamps and other embellishments are gorgeous.

    • Thanks Denise – and yes, there are so many hidden details in the book and not enough room to share tons of pictures in the post =)

  35. Mary Lee

    Gorgeous book! Very well done instructions!

  36. ava gavloski

    mini’s are so nice to handle, great showcasing of the stampendous…

  37. Barbara N

    Your project is stunning. Truly inspirational and I would love to try my hand at mixed media. Thank you.

  38. Laurie Baker

    Love your little book!

  39. What a lovely little book! I love Love LOVE the colors you used…makes for such a striking piece – but blue is my favorite color.

    Such a great way to incorporate the Ice Resin into your project…Thanks for the inspiration ~ I’m envisioning a mini book, Staz-On, Ice Resin necklace in my near crafting future!

    • Roni – I’d actually thought about making this as a necklace too, but you know how sometimes projects start to grow a bit… This would’ve been quite the “chunky” necklace! LOL

  40. wow! what a great project! thanks for sharing!

  41. I love mini books and the blue you used
    I want to win the resin kit to use

  42. Alicia O'Bryant

    wow! great project! thanks for sharing!

  43. Wonderful textures and colors! Thanks for sharing!

  44. marylouh

    thanks for the tips on using up leftover product. this hop has made me realize this would be a fun and rewarding craft to delve into. thanks for sharing your beautiful piece.

  45. OH MY GOSH JOHN!!!! this is FABULOUS! Love the colors, sparkle and dimension you created with the StazOn and Ice Resin! I may have to try this real soon! TFS!

  46. Yolanda

    I love this mini…it has so much texture.

  47. Kelly Flaherty

    OMG your art is amazing! I plan to curl up with my laptop and your blog all afternoon tomorrow! I can’t believe I just found you … Thank you so much for adding so much pretty to this world!

  48. Barb Adams

    What great hints on using the resin on book pages. I can see using that more often than making jewelry, myself.

  49. Melanie C

    Great techniques!

  50. Deb Sumption

    Oh, my! I absolutely love your piece. So beautiful and at the same time, useful! Love it!

  51. Gorgeous creation, John, It is beautiful. Love the idea of the insert script inside, It is precious.

  52. John you just rock! I love everything you do.

  53. follow your art to follow your heart 🙂

  54. Cindi Estes

    This minibook is amazing!

  55. Rita Simmons

    Love the colors and ice resin, TFS

  56. This is my fav project of the hop so far!

  57. Pam (nedlnut)

    What a great piece of art!

  58. Thanks, John. This is a great idea! I’ve been needing inspiration for a mixed media project, and now I have one.

  59. Another beautiful project using the ice resin, Stazon ink and Stampendous stamps. I love the colors you used on your journal. Thanks for sharing with us how to make it.

  60. Stephaine

    Wow, John! Love the crisp blues. Your detailed instructions are so helpful. I just might need to bust out my ICE Resin and cook up something pretty. I’m inspired! Thank you!

  61. Very cool idea! Love your book covers. Love how you included fragments into the resin. And your tips on using the resin are great too. Thank you for sharing.

    Katie B.

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