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With the Holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to remember one of the important reasons for the season – thinking of ourselves and others. Sometimes we start to get overwhelmed this time of year, trying to plan the perfect dinner, getting the cards into the mail, fighting traffic at the mall. For myself, I think that the most stressful part of the Holidays is trying to find that perfect gift for someone close to us. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to share a few ‘different’ ideas for the Holidays this year and hopefully make things a little easier for you checking those things off the list!

Handmade with Love

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There’s still time to purchase one of my handmade pieces of jewelry while there’s still a good selection – and in time to receive it before the present exchanging begins! I’ve added a few NEW pieces to the ArtNewWave Shop just for that someone special on your list, or to add to your own wish list! Orders must be placed by Sunday, December 18th for guaranteed delivery for Hanukkah and Christmas.

The Gift of Experiences

A few years ago, I discovered the beauty in giving an experience for the Holidays instead of a gift. I felt that it was more thoughtful and although a gift can be cherished, experiences provide so many memories and can be life changing events. Here’s a couple of great experiences that you can treat yourself or others to this year.


If you are looking for a truly life changing event, Art Is You Retreats is the answer! Many of you have read or heard me speak so highly of being part of the Art Is You tribe, where the sense of community, support and love cannot be experienced anywhere else. Overwhelm yourself in exploring the creative process while being surrounded by other creative souls. There are two events scheduled for next April, Santa Rosa and Minneapolis with over 20 talented instructors waiting to share with you their vast knowledge and techniques in jewelry making, painting, mixed media and more in over 50 classes at each event. Register for classes by the end of December to receive savings on both registration and class fees. Payment plans are available in case you’re not on top of the Nice list this year =)


If traveling is a little out of the budget, why not enjoy treating yourself or someone else to the wonderful online courses from Wanderlust? Join the amazing line up of instructors who will introduce you to amazing project that you can complete in the comfort of your home on your own time schedule. Don’t forget that if you register by December 31st that you will receive 20% off!

Resolution 2017 – Get Organized

I’ve lost count how often I’ve heard from fellow artists, students, and store owners about their need to get organized – whether it’s from time management perspective or from their ‘disorganization’ of their studio. This year I made a conscious effort to try and keep my studio clean, and it’s always a work in progress I have to admit LOL I was absolutely tired of working on only a one foot square foot section of my studio table that measures four feet by eight feet, not to mention always having to search for specific pieces or supplies to complete a project. I couldn’t handle working like this, and yes, things do go a little off the tracks from time to time but I have to admit that I have enjoyed working in my studio more now that it’s organized better for my work flow, not to mention purging all the things that I’ve accumulated over the years which is the polite way of saying that I was two sheets of paper shy of being on the next episode of hoarders.

Or maybe it’s managing your time, or possible lack of time management. Many times us artistic types like to be a little more free spirited and love the ability to jump from project to project and go when the creativity is flowing. Particularly this year, I had to become more organized with my time management because of the crazy travel schedule that I undertook this year. I’ve had to learn how to be better scheduling and prioritizing projects just to keep my head above water and to keep my schedule from controlling me. The planner trend is everywhere right now, but as I overheard someone say the other day – it doesn’t matter how pretty you make your planner if all you’re doing is decorating it.

Do you need to get s*#& together and this is your resolution for 2017? If so I’d like to share this opportunity with you to get organized and relieve some stress for the next year… Charlene Stackle is one of my closest and dearest friends, and she  is a lifestyle productivity coach, a fancy way of saying that she’s the expert who will help you get organized. Charlene is extending a great opportunity to help you get organized in 2017 to those of you who:

  • are overwhelmed in balancing their business and home life
  • feel stressed, unhappy, and unproductive in their work
  • are not meeting their personal or professional goals
  • too busy and tired working in their businesses that they don’t have time to actually work on their business

Charlene is extending a free phone consultation and her 90 day productivity plan that you can use through out the upcoming year. During the phone consultation, she’ll provide specific time management, energy management and productivity tips to help you organize yourself and make your life more stress free. I encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity!



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