StazOn Lantern

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This is the second project that I created for my Artful Whimsy art group exchange last month for my friend Teresa, whose favorite color just happens to be lime green.

StazOn Lantern black

I’d seen this lantern for candles at Ikea for quite awhile and picked one up one day to save for some project, and when I drew Teresa’s name for the exchange I thought that it would be the perfect accent piece for her cabin at the Coast!  Before adding ink to the metal lantern I wiped it down completely with rubbing alcohol to avoid any problems applying the ink.  I also removed all four pieces of glass to keep them clean until I was ready to ink them.

StazOn Lantern

Using an InkBlusher, begin applying StazOn Cactus Green as the base coat.  Cover all metal (including the inside) completely.  Allow ink to dry completely on the metal, approximately five minutes.  Once dried, use a different InkBlusher to apply a thin, even coat of GlazOn layer protectant over entire inked surface.

Once the GlazOn has dried, use InkBlusher to add StazOn Eden Green as a highlight.  Do not cover the entire lantern with Eden Green because you want to have some of the Cactus Green base coat to show.  Once dried completely, add a layer of GlazOn so you can layer on the next color of ink.

StazOn LanternUse an InkBlusher to apply the final highlight color, Forest Green.  Once dried, apply at least a couple of thin coats of GlazOn to seal the inks completely.  Allow each layer of GlazOn to dry completely before adding the next layer.

StazOn Lantern glass

Before adding ink to the four glass pieces, clean glass with glass cleaner.  Use an InkBlusher to apply a base coat of StazOn Cactus Green to the glass.  Using the InkBlusher will give a uniform layer of ink.  Once dried, use an InkBluser to apply a thick layer of GlazOn onto the glass.  This thick layer is what creates the texture in the glass.

StazOn Lantern glass layer twoTo add more intense areas of color, apply a second layer of Cactus Green directly onto the glass with the inkpad.  This will make the texture created with the GlazOn more prominence.  Once dried, apply a couple of sealing layers of GlazOn.

StazOn LanternDo NOT use a “real” candle with a flame with this project!!!  Because StazOn is a solvent ink, it can become “tacky” when heated.  For this reason you can use a flameless candle that is just as bright- and they have timers on them so you don’t have to worry about whether you blew out the candle or not!


IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko  StazOn Cactus Green, Eden Green, Forest Green; GlazOn Layer Protectant; InkBlushers

Lantern from IKEA, flameless candle from Target

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  1. so freakin’ cool! I am definitely going to have to try this one. Thanks John!

  2. Wonderful project! I LOVE StazOn and how it completely transforms objects! Lucky Teresa!

  3. Debbie- maybe we need to take a trip to IKEA together to pick up some other “finds” for creating some projects! Laura- I’ve seen some great StazOn projects on your end as well 🙂

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