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Many times I stumble across a new product that I absolutely fall in love with, and today I want to share with you just how easy it is to use Tsukineko Delicata inks with your Reilcs and Artifacts pieces. Along with some clear embossing powder, you can quickly and easily create stunning finished Relics and Artifacts pieces for jewelry and embellishments.

This past April I had the opportunity to travel to the Hobby Show in Tokyo to teach classes and demo for Tsukineko who had just released three new fabulous colors of Delicata ink. One of the projects I introduced at the Hobby Show was just how easy it was to transform basic stamping techniques to mixed media projects.

If you’ve never worked with Delicata inks before, they have a beautiful metallic shimmer that you can’t find in any other line of stamp ink. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Delicata inks is that they will actually air dry on paper and other porous surfaces. The first time I used these inks, I knew that I would be using them frequently on my Relics and Artifacts pieces!




As with almost all of my projects using Relics and Artifacts pieces, use a pair of flat nose pliers to carefully remove the hook on the piece. Sometimes you can simple untwist the hook by hand so I always check that first. The reason why I almost always remove the hook is so that I can ensure that I’m coloring all the piece and to avoid any build of of mediums around the hook.

Begin by painting the Relic piece with Heavy Black Gesso. If you don’t have this available any matte black acrylic paint will work just fine. I prefer to use the Heavy Black Gesso because you only need one coat to cover the Relic. You can skip this step any just use stamp ink for the base but I find it easier to create a base layer wth the gesso because it’s easier and quicker to get down into all the nooks and crannies of the Relic pieces when using a brush.




Next I applied the Delicata Black Shimmer onto the Relic using an InkBlusher. Because I already have the base coat of gesso, you can apply the ink quickly by just highlighting the areas of the Relic that you’d like. The Black Shimmer gives a stunning, metallic finish to the piece.




Without heat setting the Black Shimmer, I next added Delicata Silvery Shimmer and White Shimmer to the piece. Again, just highlighting the areas where I wanted to add additional color. I absolutely love how stunning this effect is when starting out with a very dark color and then highlight with metallics!

Before going onto the next step, use a pair of flat nose pliers to replace the hook into the top of the Relic.




Now I’ll share with you how to create a faux resin finish. Generally speaking, I like to use ICE Resin to seal all of my Relic pieces especially if they are going to be worn as a piece of jewelry. With that being said, when I’m adding my Relics to decor or mixed media pieces I don’t necessarily need to use ICE Resin and can save time by simply using ultra thick embossing powder to achieve the same results!

Since I didn’t heat set the Delicata inks, it’s still wet and can hold embossing powder easily. Using my flat nose pliers to hold the Relic piece, add ultra thick embossing powders to the front and backside of the Relic piece and melt using a heat tool. The image on the right shows half of the Relic with the melted ultra thick embossing powder.




Don’t worry if you didn’t cover the entire piece with the ultra thick embossing powder – you can use a VersaMark inkpad or marker to simply ‘touch up’ those areas with more ultra thick powder.

Adding charms and other embellishments is VERY easy using this process. While the ultra thick embossing powder is still hot, simply add your embellishment and allow the powder to cool. The ultra thick embossing powder will act as an adhesive once it has cooled down. You may have to use a tool to hold your embellishment in place while it’s cooling, but this only takes a few seconds.




Here is the completed Relic using Delicata inks in Black Shimmer, Silvery Shimmer and White Shimmer with one of FInnabair’s metal heart pieces added to the front of the Relic.




Different effects can easily be achieved using different colors of inks. If your preference is gold instead of silver, just change your ink colors! For this Relic I began with the Heavy Black Gesso base, the colored the entire relic with Delicata Brown Shimmer and then highlighted with Delicata Golden Glitz.

Because I was adding one of Finnabair’s metal butterfly embellishments and needed both hands (one for the heat tool and the other to keep the embellishment in place while heating) I used this great little stand from Harbor Freight to hold everything while I worked.




On the left you can see this completed piece with the butterfly added to the front of the Relic. For a completely different look that resembles a pearlized finish (right), I started with Delicata White Shimmer ink and then highlighted with Silvery Shimmer and a touch of Black Shimmer for a little bit of depth.

I hope that I’ve inspired you to dust off some of your rubber stamping supplies and use them in your next project using your favorite Relics and Artifacts pieces!



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  2. Thanks for the heads up re: Delicata Inks. Obviously a MUST have! Love all the variations achieved, and the tip regarding UTEE.

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