Artful Whimsy Project #1: Bugle Bracelet

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Artful Whimsy Project #1

When I used to own my retail store front, I started an “art group” called Artful Whimsy.  Although we closed the store years ago, 11 years later myself along with my friends still keep Artful Whimsy going strong!  We create and exchange gifts for each other at our meetings and at our last meeting I created this fabulous bracelet for Cyn- the person who got me addicted to beading, or as she says, “brought me to the dark side.”

I always try to find something new, a little funky, and always lime green to create for Cyn.  I had actually started a different project for Cyn when I picked up the latest issue of Beadwork magazine and instantly thought that it would be the perfect gift to make for Cyn!AW_1_3I have to admit that at first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this bracelet when it was finished, but after I modified the pattern a little bit I got the tension right and was actually impressed with the results.  I changed the closure on the bracelet and replaced it with a magnetic sliding clasp- and I’m pretty darn sure that Cyn liked it!


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  1. well…I used to bead, but this is OVER my head big time! love it though- looks like fun!

  2. If you USED to bead that just means that you’ve got some beads that need to be used AJ- maybe we just need to plan a bead day, bezels look AWESOME with some beading around them, just saying!

  3. Oh this is gorgeous, John! Bead weaving is a blast! You’ve done a marvelous job with this bracelet!

  4. Thank you Laura!

  5. This is gorgeous. I get this magazine, and really need to sit down and try some of these designs.

    It’s really gorgeous, and you’re so blessed to be able to still meet with your art friends.

    • Allie- I need to get back into the habit of creating SOMETHING beaded each month out of a magazine. I have to admit that’s how I learned how to bead- if only I had more time just to bead 😉

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