Photo Transfers onto Metal

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I absolutely LOVE the entire process of creating photo transfers onto a variety of surfaces! I became addicted to this entire realm of creating photographs back in my college days working on my degree in Photography, the days before Photoshop where all of your photographic work was actually done in the darkroom with chemicals, time, and finger crossing LOL In those days, the focus of my creative work was creating transfers from slides onto a variety of different surfaces including metal and glass.

Fast forward 20 years and the technology has changed, but this quick and easy transfer technique still remains! Today on the ICE Resin® Blog I have a short video tutorial on how to create your own photo transfers onto metal. This is a quick and easy process for creating transfers with only a few basic supplies:

  • toner based images (not inkjet printed)
  • Creative Medium or a similar gel medium
  • palette knife
  • water
  • ICE Resin® to finish and seal the piece

Many of my previous students have seen my photo transfers incorporated into my work over the years, so I decided that this would be the perfect time to share with everyone just how simple this technique is!

Visit the ICE Resin Blog to watch the video tutorial

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