The Role of Education in the Craft Industry

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As many of you know, I attended the 2105 CHA Winter Show in Anaheim, California a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to teach three amazing classes on behalf of IMAGINE Crafts. I would say hands down that I was born to teach – it’s in my blood, and it’s where I feel I have the most impact in the industry.

Many people were talking about the fact that attendance was very noticeably down at the Show, especially evident to us “old timers” who have been attending the Show for years. I would definitely fall into that camp, my first Show was in 1999 when it was still HIA, not CHA. Trends have come and gone only to return again with a new twist and in many conversations with people, I began noticing a theme – where, as an industry, are we going? How to do sustain and grow this industry?

Please take a few minutes to read the post that I wrote which is featured on the IMAGINE Crafts Blog about the changing role of education, and educators in the industry. Fell free to leave a comment and be part of the discussion!


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