Bezel Accordion Books

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Many things in life come in different sizes, and in this case I’m sharing with you how to create these fabulous mini accordion books on the ICE Resin Blog, complete with a short video tutorial on how to assemble the books!

This is one of my favorite classes to teach, and the idea behind the class came from a student when I was teaching a bezel necklace class. She had on on of those small frame bezels that opens to reveal to small frames, but her problem was that she had more than two grandchildren and wanted to carry pictures of all of them with her and that’s when this idea dawned upon me!

When I teach this class, we use ICE Resin bezels, resin (of course!) and inclusions with LOTS of embellishment and background printed paper from Prima Marketing with a bit of IMAGINE Crafts inks thrown in!

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  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous project.

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