Everyone has a “traditional” HOME sign, whether it features your house number or one of those Pinterest inspired salvaged palette painted letter signs (you know what I’m talking about!).  But that’s not my style, – I wanted something a little more fun, a little funky, and something that would get more than a passing blank look when going through our front door.  So I decided to switch things up with some hand colored metal, a little wire wrapping and of course an antiqued touch!



Cutting and Embossing the Metal

  • Emboss 2 sheets of aluminum with the “Wrought Iron” Long Texture Plate, lining up one edge of the metal to the texture plate as shown.
  • Emboss 2 sheets of aluminum with the “French Script” Long Texture Plate in the same manner, followed by embossing 1 sheet with “Scratch Lines.”
  • Die cut 4 frames with the “Frames One” die.
  • Die cut 10 pieces using the “Labels Thirty-Five” #3 die; punch a 1/8˝ hole in the middle of each piece.
  • With the “Font One Uppercase” alphabet, die cut the word “Home.”
  • Die cut 1 fleur-de-lis using the “Fleur de Lis” die.

Shaping the Metal Pieces
Use a mandrel to fold each of the five embossed metal pieces to form a tube. Note: a broom stick works great!  Then apply adhesive on the smooth (not embossed) portion of the metal; allow to dry completely.


Forming the Metal Tubes
With flat nose pliers, bend wire at a 45˚ angle with a tail approximately 1˝ in length. Either leave wire on the roll or cut a length at least 18˝ long. Next wrap the wire 5 times loosely around the mandrel, or if using a broom, the handle is perfect for this step because it is slightly larger than the stick. Bend the end wire at a 45˚ angle, lining up the bent wire sections. Coil the wire around the tail piece at least 5 times and cut the excess tail piece off. Use flat nose pliers to bend wire at a 45˚ angle (as shown).


To embellish the wire, add the following to the wire: bead, die cut “Labels Thrity Five” metal piece, “Wrought Iron” embossed metal tube, second “Labels Thirty Five” metal piece, second bead. With the long nose pliers, make a sharp bend in the wire to hold the bead in place, then bend wire at a 45˚ angle as shown. Place round nose pliers at the 45˚ angle and wrap wire around to form a loop. Coil excess wire around the other piece of wire in the same manner as earlier; add decorative coils if desired.

Repeat for the other “Wrought Iron” tube, along with the 2 “French Script” embossed tubes. For the “Scratch Lines” embossed tube, repeat the above steps to form small loops on only one end of the tube. Note: the other end of the tube will be added later.

Coloring/Finishing the Metal Tubes
Begin coloring the 5 metal tube pieces with StazOn Orange Zest, using an InkBlusher to dab on the color. Allow to dry completely.  Apply a layer of GlazOn layer protectant using a separate InkBlusher. Continue adding color in the same manner (alternating StazOn with a layer of GlazOn) to build color adding Spiced Chai, Blue Hawaii and Ganache.

Repeat for the “Frames One” metal pieces. Color the fleur-de-lis with StazOn Blue Hawaii; apply coat of GlazOn. Color the letters (“HOME”) using Spiced Chai and Ganache; adhere to “Frames One” metal pieces. Apply a thin coat of ICE Resin over all metal surfaces – this will seal the color and form a protective layer for displaying outside and prevent the color from scratching off the metal. Allow to dry/cure completely.


Using the “Keys” texture plate, emboss the house shaped metal blanks. Color the houses as desired. Add fleur-de-lis to front of metal piece. Punch holes (where needed) to top of house metal pieces. Add beads and coil wire to form decorative top to the house pieces. Attach house pieces to the bottom of each metal tube.

Final Assembly
Slide the completed, embossed metal tubes onto the “Scratch Lines” (unassembled) metal tube. Complete the end of the tube with the decorative bead and the remaining “Labels Thirty Five” colored metal piece. Note that the tighter the coiling of wire against the bead, the more secure the two ends of the tube will become. Add “HOME” to the front of the hanging embossed metal tubes. Create a decorative hanger with wire and beads.



IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko StazOn (Orange Zest, Spiced Chai, Blue Hawaii, Ganache), GlazOn, Fantastix, InkBlushers

ICE Resin® ICE Resin

Beacon Adhesives  527 All-Purpose Glue

Blue Moon Beads  beads

Beadalon®  copper wire, wire tools (pliers, cutters) 

Spellbinders S4-417  “Labels Thirty-Five” dies, “Font One Uppercase” alphabet dies, “Houses One” and “Houses Two” metal blanks, “Fleur de Lis” die, Media Mixage “Frames One” die, Media Mixage “Keys” Texture Plate; “Scratch Lines,” “Wrought Iron,” “French Script” Long Texture Plates; Aluminum Sheet Metal, Artisan X-plorer™ machine and Metal Shim plate


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  1. Love it, very so like you and very eclectic, well done

  2. #ohmygiddyaunt – this is fabulous John – nail it down cause it may not be there after I come to visit! LOL! 😉

  3. Cathy Andronicou

    Cool project, hope I get to see it one day in situ!

  4. Stunning!!! I look at it again and again, and each time I like it even more. Looks like heated copper-something, great!

  5. I love it!!!!! So very fabulous John!

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