NOLA Summer 2014

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NOLA_2014_main As you may already be able to tell, this is not a project post.  Instead, I wanted to write and share some images from my recent trip to New Orleans – one of my absolute favorite destinations to travel too!  There’s something about New Orleans that makes me feel “at home.” I don’t know if it’s in my blood from my Grandfather growing up north of the city, the French roots or the cooking.  But whenever I visit I always start contemplating about selling off everything I own and moving there. NOLA_2014_true New Orleans means different things to different people, and in the same sense of thinking that there’s different things in the city that represent the city and all it has to offer.  At least once while I’m visiting, I’ll get up at sunrise and just wonder and walk about the city while all the tourists are still asleep, to really make that connection.  This is the best time especially for walking around the French Quarter et al because the sunlight is warm and brings out the true colors of the city, and this is by far the best time to take pictures without people and cars on the streets which is almost impossible to do any other time of the day.  And I always joke with people that there’s only two times a day to enjoy a beignet at Cafe du Monde – either early in the morning before it becomes inundated with people, or for a late night snack or desert around midnight.  It’s also in these quiet early morning moments that you can enjoy the locals in conversation and feel what that Southern hospitality is all about. NOLA_2014_landmarks To me New Orleans is a city for artists.  I leave each trip here with this renewed vigor and passion to go home and create art.  The architecture, the air, the laissez-faire gets into my system and flips some magical switch.  Everywhere I look there’s inspiration, from the mundane to the overlooked.  In some ways I feel like the city – it’s been through a lot, it’s taken it’s knocks but as always perseveres and continues to shine.  The city still has a ways to go to fully recover, but the majesty and splendor has always been there and will once again return. NOLA_2014_shopping I was excited to see the continued renewal in the French Quarter (towards the north) with so many new antique stores and galleries which featured local artists.  The French Market was bustling as always with some familiar faces, along with new artists and creations to be discovered. I also discovered on this trip the Frenchman Street area of the city, which is the new up and coming area just north of the French Quarter.  Lots of fun shops and galleries, and if you’re there on a Thursday thru Saturday night there’s an outdoor art market as well with only local artisans selling their wares.


If you’ve never been to New Orleans – go.  Discover one of America’s gems, get lost in the history and connect with the city.  And take your time, relax like the locals.

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  1. Cathy Andronicou

    Looks fabulous, thanks for sharing a tiny bit of your’s on my list of places to go one day!

  2. Looks awesome! Thank you for sharing x

  3. Carolyn Rankin


    I love your narrative and pictures about New Orleans. I love New Orleans!

  4. I have to agree with John if you have never been you should go! The culture of the area and the art is Awesome! A true site to see 🙂

  5. Nancy Hawes

    Thanks for sharing ,very interesting and very inspiring . I have always wanted to go there, it’s on the bucket list!!

  6. Love New Orleans. Can’t wait to visit again. I’ll never forget stopping in for a drink at the Morgue. The actual first morgue of New Orleans turned into a bar. Loved the small art shops and antique stores.

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