Handmade for the Holidays

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Everyone knows that I am a HUGE supporter of creating handmade keepsakes for the Holidays, whether it’s ornaments for the tree, home decor pieces or gifts for the loved ones. It’s this time of the year that we can truly … Continued

Faux Dichro Magic

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I absolutely love it when I have the chance to get creative with my mixed media supplies and findings, and this project that I created for the ICE Resin® Creative Team was definitely one of those times! I have many … Continued

‘Nestled’ Layout

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The Nestled paper collection from Authentique Paper is so versatile and can be used a variety of different ways! I know that the other members of the Authentique Paper Design Team went crazy for this line of paper when it was first … Continued

Photo Transfers onto Metal

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I absolutely LOVE the entire process of creating photo transfers onto a variety of surfaces! I became addicted to this entire realm of creating photographs back in my college days working on my degree in Photography, the days before Photoshop … Continued

Goin’ Back to Cali

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Thats right, I’m heading back to Cali to teach at some of my favorite stores – and introducing many new classes as well! Can’t wait to get on the road and to share some mixed media love with everyone. Life … Continued

In His Imagination

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    I’ve been involved in the craft industry for over fifteen years in one capacity or another – as a retail store owner, a wholesaler and for the past four years, I have worn many hats while working at … Continued

Unplug and Unwind

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There’s something to be said about “unplugging” for a few days, and I have to admit that I think that everyone should give it a try! We’re all so caught up with constantly checking our emails, Facebook, Instagram and the … Continued

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