December Details

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Although we’re not quite to winter YET here in the great Pacific Northwest, there’s that crisp feeling in the air and we know that it will be here sooner than we realize! And of course this time of the year … Continued

The #Hashtag Project

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In the past year or so, I have found that I’m spending less and less time on Facebook and have transitioned more time and energy to Instagram. To be honest, I miss the ‘old’ days of Facebook before the algorithms … Continued

REBEL is My Song

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Artists find inspiration from many different places. For myself, a song fills my head full of ideas brought on from the lyrics and the music itself. While going through some of my vinyl while listening to some music, this project … Continued

Bahama Memories

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Many escape to the beach for a summer holiday, but I like to save those trips for the winter time when the dreary gray skies and rain of Seattle become a little bit on the unbearable side of things. With … Continued

Art Ingredients Lantern

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I absolutely love the summer time – enjoying the warm weather, having friends over for dinner, and enjoying evenings outside. I was recently at a friends for dinner and noticed her ‘store bought’ lanterns that were hanging around us and … Continued

Between The Pages

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I’ve seen so many different book arts projects lately and it inspired me to grab one of my old books and have some fun! I started my artist adventures long ago in the ‘altered book’ days and thought that I … Continued

Rust Effects Pastes How To

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  Nothing says Mixed Media more than the look of an old, antiqued, rusted project. The color and texture of rust has a unique character of it’s own, and until now it’s almost been impossible to re-create that look. Last … Continued

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